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photo of me and Chris in limo on wedding day

I Quit Blogging To Save My Marriage

I quit blogging in 2013, a year that began with my husband and I both miserable. We were fighting constantly, yelling and screaming and slamming doors and stomping around the house with pissed-off looks on our faces. Our communication was just plain broken, and we knew we had to take drastic action or we weren’t […]

kaitlyn coloring book van

A Fun and Productive Day With Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn and I got out of the house for a few hours today and had a good time with each other, plus got some much-needed errands done. It’s hard taking her shopping because she sees things that she wants, like packs of paint brushes or new paints or a getting ready for 2nd grade workbook […]

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Not Going To #BlogHer13? Let’s Celebrate Voices of Right Now!

Who’s not going to #BlogHer13 , but wishes they were, and still wants to have some fun? BlogHer has their Voices of the Year contest, I have decided to have a “Voices of Right Now” contest! Except it’s not so much a contest as a celebration of bloggers and their writing. This post has a […]

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image of reusable containers in portable cooler bag

Healthy Lunches that Don’t Need Refrigeration

Although summer is just beginning, school season is just around the corner. In fact, in some areas, schools start as early as August which is NEXT MONTH! This means you might only have a few weeks to plan healthy lunches and snacks to carry your kids through the school day – I know! So lets […]

Strawberry Tart Reddi-Wip

Reddi-Wip Recipe – Fresh Strawberry Tart

Spring is finally here. That means many more outdoor activities, time with friends, and altogether more fun. Perhaps you’re looking to entertain a group of people at some point this spring. If you’re really looking to exceed expectations I highly recommend this tasty dessert. Here is a fresh strawberry tart recipe. Make it yourself and […]

Instilling a Healthy Love of Fruit in Kids

Most kids like fruits because they are sweet and delicious. According to the USDA dietary recommendations, children should have between one and two servings of fruit a day. For example, a serving size of fruit is a medium sized piece of fruit or a cup of chopped fruit. Unfortunately, sometimes parents find it easier to […]

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