Table for Five


I just realized that I will be leaving, for four days. Four whole days during which Kaitlyn might crawl more than a few inches forward, and might even (sob!) cut her first tooth.

Four days during which my husband will be trying to parent three children and support his father as he has major surgery at the same time.

Four days during which the big boy-things that inhabit my house will have their task-master of a father around instead of their big pushover Mom. They may find themselves watching a LOT less TV and doing a LOT more housework. Actually, that one’s not so bad.

I know what you’re going to say. Take a lot of photos with me, and call home every day. Sure, sure, fine. But that is no substitute for soft baby cheeks pressed against mine, or big crushing hugs at bedtime.

That’s it. Someone will have to hug me EVERY DAY, so that I don’t go into severe withdrawal. You’re all okay with that, right?

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