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My brain is tired, my throat is sore, but my heart is happy!

I watched a friend’s three month old son for her today while she went to a job interview, and it was kind of a disaster. He refused to drink any of his bottles. I would put the bottle nipple in his mouth and he would scream and cry. I HATE that. I’m sure he just wanted his Mama, but it made me feel like a failure! I’m supposed to be GOOD at this baby care thing, why couldn’t I get him to eat? So, so frustrating.

Yesterday was another $1K Tuesday at PayPerPost. They released five $100.00 opps and one $500 opp, open to everybody, first come first served. It was INSANE. They announce ahead of time on the PPP Blog when approximately the post will be available. For example, the first $100.00 post was going to be between 1:00 and 1:30 pm. Which means that at 1:00, 15,000 people who write for PayPerPost began madly refreshing their Open Opportunities pages waiting for the $100 opp to appear. Now, I have a fast laptop, and am pretty agile, but literally there was a matter of MILLISECONDS from the time I refreshed, the opp appeared, and I clicked “Take Opportunity” only to discover that it had already been taken. Milliseconds! And that happened again for EACH of the $100 opps and the $500 one, which didn’t appear until between 11:00 and 11:30 p.m. So that’s pretty much ALL I did yesterday!

However, today I am also happy, because Mommybloggers posted one of my favorite posts from my Archives, called “A Gift of Wanting”. Reading that post again took me right back to the situation that prompted the post, and reminded me of just how far I have come as Kaitlyn’s Mother. Please, do me a favor and go read the post at Mommybloggers, maybe leave me a comment there? That will make me even MORE happy!

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