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Tonka Trucks, “built for boyhood”?

Dear Tonka,

I love your products, but, what is up with your latest commercial? Boys are “built different”, and Tonka Trucks are “built for boyhood”? Are you FREAKING KIDDING ME?

tonka dump truck table for five

We don’t have to go into the obvious anatomical differences, obviously I know that boys are “built different”, considering that I have two of them myself. And hey! Whaddya know? Their genitals are different from my daughter’s genitals, thank you so much for pointing that out in your commercial! I might have made a very serious mistake in her potty training otherwise, so thanks for that.

But here’s a newsflash, Tonka-Girls like playing with Tonka Trucks! It’s true! And playing with them does not cause them to grow a penis, or anything! They can be the girliest girly girls on the planet, and still enjoy pushing a truck back and forth while making “vroom vroom” noises. Of course, they might fill the dumptruck with Little People, waffle blocks, and barrettes and then push it up and down the hallway, instead of pretending to be a macho construction worker or whatever, but still. GIRLS PLAY WITH TRUCKS TOO.

Commercials like that make me really wonder what the hell the ad agency was thinking. Here’s an ad I found from the 70s, showing not only a boy, but also a GIRL, playing with a Tonka Adventure Buggy. Or are girls just not “built correctly” to play with your dump trucks?

Photos to follow of my daughter wearing her frilliest dress and playing with a dump truck. If anyone reading this does marketing for Tonka, feel free to send me any of your products so I can make sure they are girl-appropriate. Seriously.

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