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Disney Day Two, Part One-the day of Big Surprises!

Day Two at Disney started bright and early with a continental breakfast at Ariel’s in the hotel. While we sipped coffee and orange juice (tastes so much better in Florida!) and munched on bagels, fruit, and the delicious pastries that the Disney chefs make, we had a guest speaker, a Mom from the Disney World Moms Panel. She answered our questions about bringing families to the parks. We also had two other Moms from the panel in our group, Darcie and Kim. They were like walking maps everywhere we went, they knew every park and all the best places to go!

After breakfast, it was time to board our motorcoach bus and head to the Magic Kingdom! It was a beautiful warm day with a bright blue sky as you can see from the photo in my previous post. When we arrived we were taken through a cast-member entrance and then walked down Main Street to a grassy area near Cinderella’s Castle for a group photo. We had our own photographer take a big group shots and then smaller groups, I posed with my fellow Precious Moms bloggers Marybeth and Lori, but I haven’t seen the photo on Flickr yet.

We then had time to explore the park, and best of all, we got MEDIA FastPasses, which meant that instead of putting in the FastPass and then having to come back at a reserved time, we went RIGHT ON the rides! I still can’t believe it myself, but I actually rode Space Mountain, which scared the CRAP out of me! I screamed and screamed the whole ride! And my husband was bummed out because he’s been trying to get me to ride one with him for twenty years :)

I was a little shook up by Space Mountain, so I passed on Haunted Mansion, but after that we rode It’s A Small World, which I LOVE. After that it was time to start walking back, I ducked into a few gift shops to look for souvenirs for the kids, picking up some toy Flintlock pistols from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride for the boys, a Pirate Princess Minnie Mouse doll for Kaitlyn, plus I bought Kaitlyn a crown with jewels and a veil, which I loved, but she refuses to wear. Oh well!

From there, we took our motorcoach over to Hollywood Studios (which used to be called MGM Studios) and ate lunch at the Brown Derby restaurant! The Brown Derby in Hollywood, CA is where the famous Cobb salad was invented, so of course I had one, as did several others, and we all agreed it was fantastic! We also had bites of two appetizers-crusted shrimp in a lime ginger sauce and braised beef short ribs on celery root puree-both were divine. It was wonderful to be able to order food like that without worrying about the bill!! We were joined at lunch by Estafania from Disney Imagineering, and when I saw the badge she was wearing around her neck, I figured out our next surprise!

We were told to bring closed-toe shoes and long pants to wear on Saturday, and we couldn’t figure out why. It was because we were taken behind the Chinese Theater to a construction site, and we got an exclusive, as in, no one else who works anywhere at Disney besides the construction team has seen itsneak peek at the newest, most exciting Disney attraction coming soon…


Toy Story Mania is a 3D, interactive ride that simulates playing games at a carnival. The storyline is that Andy and his family have left the house, and the toys have pulled an old carnival game out from under the bed. The toys have each taken up a position on the game board and are encouraging you to play their carnival game. The dimensions of the attraction are such that you will feel like you are the size of one of the Army Men! The carnival Barker is a huge Mr. Potato Head!

You’ll walk under a sign that reads “Pixar” and into a building to stand in the queue. The queue area is decorated with familiar games-the ceiling has a Chutes and Ladders board, the booth that gives out the 3D glasses looks like a Lincoln Logs cabin. I really liked what Rex (yes really, just like the Toy Story dinosaur!) said, which was that they can’t eliminate lines, so they want to bring part of the ride out to the people waiting in line. Very cool! Once you come through the line and into the area where you get into the ride car, you’ll see a huge Tinker Toy sculpture on the ceiling, and the walls are painted with book spines and the edges of board games, Andy’s bed, just like you were on the floor of his room.

Each car has two people sitting side by side with two more people behind them, facing away. The lap bar in front of you has a controller shaped like a cannon, with a pull string. You use that to play each game. Your car stops in front of each carnival booth, characters pop up, tell you about the game, then you play. At the end, your car stops in front of a huge screen, all the characters come out, you see your score, then you get a virtual stuffed animal for a prize! It’s going to be HUGE when it’s ready.

I’ll end here, because there are still two more COMPLETELY AWESOME things to tell you about that happened on Saturday. So please stay tuned!

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