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Dude. Is that cat pee?

So Mr. Lady from Whiskey In My Sippy Cup and Jill from Charming & Delightful are having a contest.

Mr. Lady found dead crabs in her car. Dead. Crabs. Now, having never had the pleasure of smelling dead crabs left in a hot car, I can’t be sure if this is worse, but the worst thing to ever stank up my car?

Cat pee. Hot, baked in the sun cat pee. Chris had taken the seats out of the van for a trip to Home Depot and had left them in the driveway. He came back, unloaded the van, and then a short while later we needed to run another errand so he put the seats back in. We all piled into the van and started driving, and then the smell hit us.

My god, the SMELL.

“What IS that?” “Oh my god what IS that?” “Does that smell like when the cat peed on the carpet in the living room?”

Unfortunately, thanks to a sick cat, we were quite familiar with the smell of cat pee on fabric, and there was no doubt. And also, our neighborhood at the time had several cats that ran loose. Which we deduced meant that while the van seats were in the driveway, one of them had jumped onto the seat and marked his territory. It was the only explanation that made sense.

Since we were already on the road, we toughed it out and drove to Target, sure that we would find some kind of fabric-saving cleaner there. Coincidentally, the first thing we bought was Febreze, who happens to be the sponsor of the prize in this contest! LOVE Febreze, oh yes I do. We also bought van seat covers that happened to match the upholstery of the van anyway.

It took several scrubbings with auto upholstery shampoo and more Febreze before the van seat stopped smelling like hot cat piss. I had blocked the whole incident out of my head until I read Mr. Lady’s post, and then it all came back to me. Hot. Cat. Pee. Dude.

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