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Now THIS is just proof of how awesome the internet really is. is a blog where people can post when they get a call from a possible telemarketer and what phone number it came from. If telemarketing calls are really a problem for you, you can look at your caller ID and then quickly check the number on the site to see if it’s a known telemarketing number.

The site also distributes free open-source Windows software that you install on your computer, then you connect your modem to your phone line. When a call comes in, the software will check for you to see if it’s a known telemarketing number, and HANG UP ON IT. Awesome. You know, the “Do Not Call List” was touted as the way to end unwanted telemarketing calls, but at least for me, I still get them. Clever telemarketing companies have ways to get around the rules, like pretending they are just doing a survey for a nonprofit organization. I’ve even started getting them on my cell phone!

The PhoneSpamFilter site has over 50,000 phone numbers in it’s database, it’s the biggest user-generated list of phone solicitors out there. And to be fair, I worked as a telemarketer for two years in college, I made phone calls to people who gave money to public television and public radio, asking them to donate more money. I got hung up on plenty of times and trust me when I say, you aren’t hurting the telemarketer’s feelings by just saying “I’m not interested” and hanging up. They have a whole lot more people they can call. Kudos to for using their blog in such an interesting and useful way!

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