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It’s the Mo’ Babies Baby Shower!

The blogosphere has baby fever! Heck, *I* have baby fever! I went to pick up Nathan from a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese last night, and the people at the next table had seven week old twin girls. The site of the Dad holding one of the babies in his arms, with her gazing up at his face while holding his finger tight with her tiny hand-well, it’s a good thing I’ve had my tubes tied or I might have gone straight home and told my husband to brace himself for some serious baby-making.

This weekend I am joining some of my best blog friends in honoring two lovely ladies who are already awesome Moms and are soon going to be even more awesomer-Kristen from Motherhood Uncensored who is having baby number three, and Rebecca from Girl’s Gone Child who is having baby number two. I’ve known Kristen since we met at BlogHer 2006, and have the pleasure of working with her on campaigns for Parent Bloggers Network. I met Rebecca briefly at BlogHer 2007, and exchanged emails with her this past summer while I was organizing the BlogHer 2008 Bookstore. I was hoping to meet her in San Francisco but she had a wedding that weekend. I am very happy to be participating in this online baby shower for both of them!

For Kristen, I would like to say, first of all-welcome to the Family of Five Club! I hope that one day, when you finally get to go out to eat with your husband and all three kids, that when you tell the hostess “Table for Five, please”, that you will think of me :) Your house will seem a lot more crowded, the noise level will go up exponentially, and you might have whole days where it takes enormous effort just to remember to kiss your husband’s cheek before collapsing into bed at night, but you’ll also have three times the hugs, the kisses, the love. Congratulations!!

For Rebecca, I want to say that you know how completely adorable I think Archer is, so I cannot wait to see how adorable your DAUGHTER will be! Having had two boys first and then a girl, I think you will be surprised how different little girls are. Wait until you hear just how high-pitched a little girl’s voice is compared to a little boy’s. In my experience, the hugs feel different, even. You’ll learn which hair clips stay in, which dolls become her favorite “baby”, and you might even find yourself painting her impossibly tiny toe nails with your nail polish like I do. At night, when you have your daughter sleeping on your shoulder and Archer in your lap, your heart will overflow with love. Congratulations and I hope we do get to meet again some day!!

This blogtastic baby shower is hosted by four very terrific bloggers- Catherine, Katie, Liz, and Julie. Participating in this online baby shower is the next best thing to actually hanging out with all these fabulous ladies at a real baby shower, except without having to play “guess what flavor baby food this is” or “guess how much ribbon it would take to go around the guest of honor’s stomach”. Anyone can participate, all the details are on the official Mo’ Babies Shower Site including information about the prizes for participants!

And now, my Family of Five is headed to Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids to see the Ringling Brothers Circus! Just don’t ask me where the blinking red clown nose is that I brought home from BlogHer, because you don’t actually think I can FIND IT, do you? I’ll have a full report and hopefully some decent photos tomorrow!

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