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How to make a Pixie Hollow BirdFeeder!

Have you ever wondered why Tinker Bell is called “Tinker” Bell? Well, as you will learn tomorrow when you see the brand new Walt Disney Home Entertainment DVD, fairies each have a special talent that is discovered shortly after they are created. A Tinker fairy is one that is skilled in making, building, and fixing things, which turns out to be Tinker Bell’s talent. She also likes to use “lost things” to make something new, and with these instructions, you can tinker with “lost” things to make something new!

You’ll need a large plastic bottle, a long twig, a long piece of string, rope, or twine, and birdseed. Punch holes on both sides of the bottle and thread the twig through for perches. Punch a small hole in the bottom of the bottle. Tie a knot at the end of your piece of string and thread it through the top of the bottle and out through the hole in the bottom for hanging. Fill with birdseed and screw the cap on tightly. You can decorate your bottle with nontoxic paint, glitter, pieces of moss, or anything you recycle from nature.

Enjoy this fun craft project and don’t forget to pick up the Tinker Bell DVD tomorrow!

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