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Happy New Year!

Wow, 2010. It’s like a date from a science fiction novel except it’s real.  We didn’t do much last night, we watched “District 9″ on Blu-Ray then switched over to CNN to watch the ball drop with Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin.  Kaitlyn went to bed but we let the boys stay up. We counted down 3-2-1, yelled HAPPY NEW YEAR!, I kissed everybody, then the boys and I went to bed. Because I’m just THAT FUN after midnight.

I’ve enjoyed taking a break from my blogs and hanging out with my kids over the last week and a half, but now I have ideas for a whole bunch of posts starting to form in my head again, so I’ll be getting myself back on a writing schedule next week. I’ll share photos from Christmas, take a look back at 2009, hopefully my kids will do something interesting.  January 30th is my birthday, it’s my annual tradition to ask my readers to leave a comment, with my goal being to get as many comments as I am years old. So be prepared, 43 of you! lol

Even though I just feel like getting back in bed and taking a nice long nap, Chris says we have to break down the boxes in the garage and go over to the recycling center. Which is open 24/7, lucky me. I guess I AM responsible, since 99% of the boxes are from shipments of product review stuff. Anyway….to all of you who stopped by Table for Five today, THANK YOU.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming here to read my ramblings. Thank you for helping make Table for Five a successful blog. Thank you for reading my posts, entering my giveaways, mentioning me on Twitter and Facebook. I hope you know just how much it means to me. I can’t wait to see what 2010 is going to bring!

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