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Website Review – Fast Water Heater Co.

If you live in California, Oregon, or Washington and own a home, this post might be useful to you. I live in Michigan so I can’t recommend this company personally, but I do own a hot water heater that broke down last year, and finding a company that could come right out and fix it wasn’t as easy as I thought. When you have no hot water at all, hearing someone say “we can come out in four days” is really not helpful. Fast Water Heater Co. asked me to let my readers know that they really are fast – call before noon and you can usually get someone out that same day.

Whether you have a traditional or tankless water heater, San Francisco Bay Area residents as well as residents of service areas in Oregon and Washington can get fast service including getting a new water heater installed and the processing of any required permits based on where you live. You can read more about what to expect from a Fast Water Heater service call by reading the appropriately named “What to Expect” page on the site.

The site also has a helpful “Articles” page with articles and resources on how to extend the life of your hot water water as well as tests you can do to determine if your water heater might need servicing, BEFORE it stops working and you are standing in a cold shower with a head full of shampoo 😛  Not that I want anyone reading this to have their water heater break down or anything, but if it does, I hope this post helps get it fixed!

disclosure: you know how my Disclosure Policy page says that I occasionally get compensated by websites to post a review of their site? This is one of those posts.

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