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BlogHer Day One – Thursday Recap

You GUYS. I’m in New York! So, here’s what’s happened so far…uneventful plane rides except for the condensation rolling across the ceiling of the plane from Detroit to LaGuardia, I took a video with my camera but haven’t uploaded it yet. It was like when you open your freezer and that mist rolls out? Once we got up in the air it went away but it was still weird.

Oh, and of course when I landed at Detroit from Lansing I was at one end of C terminal, and my flight to LaGuardia was at the completely opposite end of A terminal, so I had a bit of a hike to get there. But it was all good.

The guy who picked me up from the airport was from Michigan, what are the odds, and he was so great. His name is Tom Rhoades, and he’s an actor who works for this car service that hires new actors on purpose so they can drive established actors back and forth from the airport and make industry contacts. He got a job working for Angela Lansbury because he picked her up from the airport!

I cannot believe how many people there are, how many cars, how many taxis. Every street is jam packed!

My hotel is on the corner of 53rd Street and 6th Avenue. I met up with Dawn as soon as I arrived and we were both starving so we set out to find something to eat. We only had to go right across the street!   We ate lunch at this gyro stand yesterday, it’s one of the most popular stands in the city, only $5.50 for this HUGE gyro. I don’t like lamb so I had chicken that he was grilling right there with onions and peppers, in a warm fluffy pita bread with tzatziki sauce. SO GOOD.  After work people line up for an hour to eat there. And there’s a fountain across the street that looks like the head of a dandelion, it’s so cool.

I met Dre from Click Communications, she’s the one that sends me all the great Disney DVDs to review. It was great to finally meet her!  After standing outside for 45 minutes though, I’d had enough of 92 degree heat and humidity so I headed back in and up to my room to freshen up for my Bumble Bee Foods Bee Squad event.

Our event went so well!  Chef Scott made three fantastic appetizers, I’ll post the recipes on MomCooks when I get home. There was also delicious meats and cheeses, vegetables, and a dessert tray. We had a great turnout of people, too!  I wore black wedge sandals and by the time it was over my feet were KILLING me. I was so glad we had a shuttle bus!

From there I came back to the room and collapsed.  I turned out the light, put my head on the pillow, and next thing I knew it was morning.  Oh yes, and I grabbed the WRONG USB cable for my camera, so I can’t upload any photos! I have my camera set on a smaller photo size so I can take more pictures, but unless I sit near someone with an external card reader, I won’t be able to upload anything until Sunday night :(

Next up, Friday Recap!

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