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My Favorite Posts of 2010

These are my favorite posts from each month of 2010.  Man, that was a long year, wasn’t it?

JanuaryGetting Back to Basics posted 1/15/10. I did do what I said I would do in that post, bring back my blogroll. But did I really use it as a tool for reconnecting with my readers? No, not really. Bummer. The thing is, it doesn’t seem like ANYONE uses a blogroll anymore. There’s Google Friend Connect and the Facebook Like Box and BlogFrog, there’s MomLogic and Circle of Moms and Mom Bloggers Club. I have profiles on all of those! How the heck is anyone supposed to CONNECT with people these days? Arrrgh!

FebruaryI like feeling validated about my choices posted 2/16/10.  I wrote about not sending Kaitlyn to preschool last year, and how I was doubting that decision until she and I met some little girls who were just her size – and were a year younger.  Seeing how well Kaitlyn is doing in preschool this year shows me that I should trust my instincts – they are usually right :)

MarchI can’t sleep. What’s up with that? posted 3/30/10. I wrote about insomnia. It’s been better lately, although I still have trouble sometimes getting to sleep before 2:00 a.m., even if I haven’t had a nap. My body clock is not synched up with my life it would seem 😛

AprilIf this post helps one person avoid a bad haircut, I’ll have done my job posted 4/9/10.  I lamented a snap decision I made to get my hair cut at BoRics, and compared myself to both Dudley Moore and Kristen Stewart in “The Runaways”. I’m happy to report that my hair is looking much better these days :)

MayDad plus daughter plus public restroom equals chat with police posted 5/21/10.  My husband took Kaitlyn to the park and when she needed to go to the bathroom, waited outside for her and then went in to help her wash her hands. Someone called the police. Like one of my commenters pointed out, it was definitely a “damned if you do and damned if you don’t” kind of situation, but the way it was handled still bugged me.

JuneAre These Eardrops Made of Unicorn Tears? posted 6/2/10.   I was prescribed eardrops for a not even infected ear that cost me $110 out of pocket. And, get this – a week later, my ear still hurt, so I called my doctor’s office back and said I needed an appointment no matter what, got in to see her, and learned that my ear was badly infected and the eardrops hadn’t done any good at all.  Nice, huh?

JulyThis Is Where I Belong posted 7/25/10.  I wrote about why I was meant to be a blogger and how much it means to me to be a part of the blogging community. After five and a half years, it’s still the best thing I can imagine doing with my life and it’s still where I belong :)

August A Promise I Am Making – As Blog Is My Witness posted 8/11/10.  After experiencing excruciating foot pain while at BlogHer, I gave myself an ultimatum – lose weight or no BlogHer in 2011.  I had a life-changing moment right there in my New York hotel room.  For the first time in a long time, I decided to put my needs ahead of others, and do what I needed to do to change. And I am.  You WILL see me at BlogHer 2011!

SeptemberConversations with Kaitlyn posted 9/7/10.  I’m so glad I have a blog where I can write down the funny conversations Kaitlyn and I have. Some day I’ll be glad I can look back and read them!  This post also has a bunch of adorable pictures of her if you want to see :)

OctoberSingle Moms and Dads, I Salute You posted 10/19/10. Chris was out of town on business and I was feeling overwhelmed by having to do everything by myself.  But it wasn’t until my oldest son confessed to feeling stressed out himself that I realized I was letting things get out of hand.  And I realized that single parents had to do what I did for a week, every single day. Hence, the saluting of them.

NovemberDona Nobis Pacem – BlogBlast for Peace 2010 posted 11/04/10.  My third annual post for the BlogBlast for Peace, which has grown to include bloggers from all over the world, all posting a peace badge and writing about peace on the same day.  My 2008 badge said “Let there be peace on Earth, and in the blogosphere too”.  A motto to live by, I say.

DecemberJust the usual Holiday Stress around here posted 12/21/10.  A short post about the combination of holiday stress and blogging stress. Great comments with tips on dealing with both!

So, those were my favorite posts of 2010.  Why not look back through your archives and write your own post linking to your favorites posts from last year? If you do, come back here and leave a link to your post in a comment!

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