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Table for Five circa September 2005 – Where it all began

Blogging – I’ve been doing it wrong.

I didn’t make a big announcement or anything – which is unusual for me, I know – but I’ve stopped writing product reviews and hosting giveaways here,  and it wasn’t even a big deal, I just…stopped.  I wanted Table for Five to go back to what it was when it started, a personal blog.

There’s just been one problem. I forgot HOW to write a personal blog. I know that sounds crazy, but it’s true. Personal blogging  in my mind became this HUGE thing, like if I didn’t have profound things to say, there was no point in writing at all. I had built it up in my head that every post had to be a long discourse on deep subjects.

And then this morning, while Kaitlyn was getting ready for school, it hit me.  I was remembering this blog the way it was in 2005 when it started, but was I remembering it correctly?  After the bus came, I opened up my dashboard to All Posts and filtered it to September 2005, and opened up Notepad.  Was my first month of blogging filled with long profound posts on deep subjects?

In between pregnancy updates, this is what I blogged about in September and October of ’05:

hurricane katrina
gas prices
funny post about school lunch
favorite links
stupid political moves
feelings about weight
seeing the movie Serenity
fun google search game
reaction to A.A.P. story about pacifiers
funny joke chris sent me
“Life is Good” – a post about a great day
Looking back when the boys were little
dumb thing I did

And you know what the most surprising revelation was? The average post was only 200 words! I had one post that I counted and it was only 95 words. And it still got comments!

Personal blogging for me does not have to be about deep profound thoughts and hours of writing a day.  I need to stop being afraid that my writing isn’t “good enough” as it is. I need to stop worrying that if my blog doesn’t have the same kinds of posts as others, no one will read it.

When I first started Table for Five, I didn’t think anyone would read it. I thought a blog was like an online diary, that only people I told about it would read it.  When I would write a post and get 4 or 5 comments, it made me feel amazing. But writing a post and getting no comments didn’t stop me from writing again.  And that’s where I got off track this time.

I love Facebook and I respect Twitter, but if I put all my good thoughts there instead of here, I’m missing out on an opportunity to have all those thoughts collected in one place.

So those are my thoughts this morning.  I just may be getting my blogging mojo back, and that’s a good thing.

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