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“Missing Mommy” – A Story By Kaitlyn, Age 6

Kaitlyn wrote and illustrated this story using Dot’s Story Factory on PBS Kids. It had an option at the end to email it to someone, so she had me email it to my Stepmother, the Grandma mentioned in the story. It boggles my mind that my SIX year old can spell this well, type on a laptop, and figure out website directions like this. I am SO PROUD of her!

Oh, and it must only have an option to illustrate the first page, which is why the other two are blank on the top. Also, I’m not sure what is on Kaitlyn’s head in the illustration, maybe a party hat sticker? Without further ado, “Missing Mommy” by Kaitlyn Edwards, age 6. Enjoy!

Missing Mommy Story Dots Story Factory PBS Kids 1

The fact that she included "lol" is just too awesome.


Missing Mommy Story Dots Story Factory PBS Kids 2

She sounded out "missed" and got "mist". Close enough!


Missing Mommy Story Dots Story Factory PBS Kids 3

I barely have enough room in my body for how much I love Kaitlyn!



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