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Friday Fives 6-22-12: Five Things About Me

Welcome to Friday Fives, the weekly meme where I post a list of five anythings! This week, I’m thinking about things that new readers might not know about me.  Feel free to play along with Friday Fives by posting your own list on your blog, on your Facebook wall, your Google + stream, on Twitter – or even by leaving your list in my comments!

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1.  I was adopted when I was 16 months old, from foster care. My biological mother had a stroke shortly after my birth and passed away, leaving my biological father with five girls. I have a scrapbook my foster mother kept that shows I was very happy with her. My parents adopted three children altogether – my sister Martha in 1964 when she was 4 weeks old, then me in 1968, and then my brother Steve in 1974, he was 10.

2.  Because I was always singing as a toddler, my Mom convinced a piano teacher to take me on as a student when I was 3.  I played the piano and took weekly lessons until I was 16.  I played the Oboe from 6th grade until the end of Senior Year,  and the flute just for Freshman year.  I miss having a piano and wish like crazy that we could afford one.

3. I am superstitious about two things: 1. if I spill salt or even just knock over the salt shaker, I pick up a pinch of it between my fingers and toss it over my left shoulder. 2. I always, ALWAYS put my left shoe on first. If someone hands me my right shoe, I wait until they hand me the left one and then put that one on first.  I have no idea why I do either one of those things!

4. I’ve been to Venezuela, which I was privileged to visit my Senior Year of high school when our Orchestra teacher arranged a concert tour that included staying with host families in Caracas, rehearsing and performing with the local High School’s Orchestra, visiting an exclusive country club for a day of swimming, traveling to an English-language high school for a performance, taking the visitor’s tour of their version of the White House, and finally, performing for the First Lady of Venezuela. It was an experience I’ll never forget!

5. I also spent 5 weeks in London getting a couple of credits towards my Bachelor’s at MSU as part of their Overseas Study program. Part of the program was an optional weekend trip to Scotland, which included an overnight stay at a college in Glasgow and a day exploring Edinburgh.  A bunch of us also traveled to Stonehenge, and our professor took us to Stratford for the day. It was five amazing weeks of hand-writing two page papers for credit and visiting every touristy place London has. I loved it!


Okay, so that’s five things off the top of my head about me. Tell me something about you! Ready, set, Comment!


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