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National Clean Out Your Garage Day is Today!

That’s right, National Clean Out Your Garage Day is today, September 8, 2012.  For us, cleaning out our garage always starts with one huge job – the recycling. I get packages delivered every week, in cardboard boxes of all sizes, and they get tossed into the garage.  When the pile gets too big, Chris and I and whatever kids are around break the boxes down, stack them up in the back of our van, and drive them to the Granger recycling center.

While we’re at it, we also bag up plastic laundry detergent bottles, pizza boxes, kitty litter boxes, glass jars, newspapers, and magazines. All of which have been hanging out in our one-car garage that we never park a car in :)   After we run all of that over to Granger, we do a second run to the grocery store with all of our pop bottles and cans – Michigan has a bottle deposit law, so we pay an extra 10 cents per bottle but get it back when we return them.  So that, for us, is the first step in cleaning out our garage.

obviously not my garage – the floor of mine hasn’t been that clean since we moved in :)

For National Clean Out Your Garage Day, I’m working with Crawford, ACE, and Quickie to encourage all of you to REALLY clean out your garages!  They sent me these great products:

  • Crawford 16″ Adjustable Storage Organizer – great for hanging up brooms, rakes and other supplies with long handles
  • Crawford Sliding Spring Grip Organizer – Grips slide into position anywhere along the bar and are guaranteed to never lose tension
  • Quickie 2-in-1 Squeegee Pushbroom – Designed for indoor and outdoor use, the broom sweeps away dirt and debris, and the squeegee takes care of water (I think that means I have to actually HOSE DOWN my garage floor!)
  • ACE Multi-surface Pushbroom – Sweeps away heavy debris including caked-on dirt, gravel and construction materials (ahem, like the sawdust Chris never cleans up after he builds something lol)
  • Lysol Sponges: Super absorbent and safe on most surfaces

So now all I need is my helpers, for it not to rain, and a couple of hours, and I should have a clean garage floor!

How often do you clean your garage? Share any cleaning tips in the comments!

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