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Friday Fives Writing Prompt: Exertion (*LINKY*)

Friday Fives meme table for fiveWelcome to Friday Fives, my weekly (well, okay, not weekly, but on Fridays when I remember lol) meme where I take it easy and post five somethings. Thanks to a horrible bout of insomnia, I was up all night last night. My body is refusing to sleep, but I know I’m going to crash soon, so I wanted to get a post up first! I googled “friday blog memes” and found a site called “Friday 5″! I swear, I had no idea. But the good news is, each Friday, the blog posts five questions to answer around a topic, participants are encouraged to answer them on their own blog and then go back and link up. Easy peasy!  This week’s questions are related to exertion. Gee, my favorite 😛


  1. What was the cause of your last working up a sweat?
  2. What routine part of your life seems to take more mental effort for you than for most others?
  3. What’s something many others consider laborious but you consider rather easy?
  4. What’s something you’re going to have to do really soon but have been putting off just because it’s going to be a lot of work?
  5. Where’s the steepest hill in your neighborhood?


  1. Thanks to being in pre-menopause, and thanks also to the diuretic my doctor has me on to help lower my blood pressure, I work up a sweat doing pretty much anything. I sweat when I blow-dry my hair, I sweat when I cook dinner, I sweat in my sleep. I know, eww.  My favorite way to work up a sweat (okay, my second favorite way) is with good old-fashioned housework. That’s right, I enjoy working up a sweat with housework because the more I sweat, the more weight I lose!
  2. I had to think about this question for a minute – you know what seems to take me more mental effort than it seems like it should? Getting dinner on the table at night. With all three kids running in and out of the kitchen (because of course they are STARVING, they haven’t eaten in FOREVER, they can’t WAIT for dinner, etc.), the dog whining at the front door waiting for Chris to get home, and the inevitable phone calls, most nights I feel like I’m losing my mind as I try to manage the chaos!
  3. Hmm. I’m not sure there’s anything I consider easy that other people think is really hard. Oh, I know! Making chili. My Easy Salsa Chili is super fast to make but tastes like it took hours to prep and make.
  4. This one’s easy – getting all the reviews and giveaways  I’m behind on posted!
  5. We live at the top of our neighborhood, which is built in a big circle, and our street is on the outside ring of the circle. So whether you turn left at the end of the block or right, you have a nice easy hill to go down, but a dang steep one coming back up!


If you decide to do this meme today and answer these five questions on your own blog, remember to visit Friday 5 for October 26: Exertion and leave your link there. On THIS post, I have a linky up that you can use for ANY POST ON YOUR BLOG. Pick your favorite post you wrote this week and link it up below. I promise to stop by and read the post! TGIF everybody!


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