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All I Want For Christmas Is To Not Get Sick

English: A small box of Kleenex.

English: A small box of Kleenex. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I woke up this morning face-down on my mattress. When I rolled over, my face felt hot and swollen. I’m thinking, well, I was lying on it, of course it would be swollen. So I get up and go to the bathroom, blow my nose, and sure enough – blood.


Unacceptable. It’s less than a month until Christmas and getting sick is not an option! I have dozens of product reviews to write, I’d like to get the tree up and decorated, and of course, I’d like to be able to breathe out of both sides of my nose.  Chris just gave me an extended release Sudafed, so I’m waiting for that to kick in.


Update:  Extended release Sudafed FTW!  Man, that stuff really works.

Maybe the Universe heard my whining about how I do not have time to be sick :)

Comment and tell me your tips for warding off colds before they start!

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