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Facebook Versus Blogging – Why I Need Both

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I love social networking. Specifically, I love FACEBOOK. Like, love it. Every time I log in, start scanning through notifications, and then dropping comments, it’s like I just walked into the best cocktail party ever. Because I’m kind of good at Facebook I guess? I seem to have figured out just how often to post a new status, when a sympathetic comment is called for and when it’s okay to get snarky with someone. I know who I can tease, who I can give a hard time to, who’s fine with me using profanity and who wouldn’t be.

And when I post an update on my Facebook wall and the likes and comments start pouring in, it makes me happy. It makes me feel validated, like my friends really get me. Facebook gives me this warm, fuzzy, safe place to let random things on my mind come out, and get immediate feedback.

That doesn’t happen here on the ole’ blog, but I finally, FINALLY think I understand why I still need a blog.  It’s for one simple reason – Facebook is not forever. Meaning, all those amazing conversations I’ve had over there, all the online and IRL friendships that have just grown stronger and more meaningful as a result of the time I spend there, as far as I know, they will never be searchable or archivable.  Once they drop off the feed, they are gone.

Which makes me think that when I post something on Facebook that gets an amazing response, I should also come and post it here too, just for posterity. I wouldn’t copy/paste replies because I’d have to get permission from every person (I think), but I could summarize the jist of what the replies were, so that I can look back some day and see what I was excited/upset/confused about at that particular moment in time.

See, I work out my personal shit on Facebook because I know I’ll get replies back.  Facebook is a conversation. A blog post is a speech given from a podium.  And while I deeply, deeply appreciate every single comment I get on my blog posts, and please don’t stop leaving them!, I just wish it was more of a conversation like Facebook is. Even if I reply to a comment on a post and that person replies back, it still has to go through email, it just doesn’t feel the same.

And I’ve tried that plugin that is supposed to put your Facebook comments under the post, it hasn’t worked right yet.

So this is what’s on my mind today. I love this blog. This blog is my baby. And it’s my way to someday be able to look back and see what I was doing and what I was thinking about, etc. If I put all of that on Facebook, I lose out here. Which is why I’m reminding myself that Facebook is fun, but I can’t neglect the blog. Which I’ve been doing terribly, I know.

In fact a dear friend who is both a blog reader and a Facebook pal pointed out that my blog kind of sucked, which I know she was only saying because she cares about me and knows how much I care about the blog.  I promise I will stop saving everything up for Facebook and remember to put some of it on here!

Anyway, thanks for reading my musings, and really, whether you comment here or over there, it’s all good. I know I have an amazing blogging community and you all rock no matter where you are :)

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