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A Fun and Productive Day With Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn and I got out of the house for a few hours today and had a good time with each other, plus got some much-needed errands done. It’s hard taking her shopping because she sees things that she wants, like packs of paint brushes or new paints or a getting ready for 2nd grade workbook and it’s hard to always have to say no to things like that. She loves crafts and art supplies so much! This is her coloring in the van on the way to pick up Nathan at camp on Saturday:

kaitlyn coloring book van

We started out by having lunch at a chinese buffet place by our house. It’s cheap at lunchtime, and for the same amount I would spend at McDonalds, we got salads and entrees and desserts plus drinks. She had red jello and a teriyaki chicken skewer, garlicky green beans and honey chicken with white rice, and rolled her eyes in delight with practically every bite she took.

Plus they have soft serve ice cream with cones to put it in. So she had a chocolate soft serve cone which she topped with a drizzle of chocolate syrup and sprinkles. Because sure, why not?  After that we headed to the library to return books and get more, plus I told her she could play in the kid section. Instead, she wanted to go downstairs to the volunteer bookstore.  I love it down there, they take donations of books and magazines and sell the nice ones for cheap to raise money for library programs.

We were probably down there an hour going through the shelves, and finally emerged loaded down. Kaitlyn found a nice softcover copy of Stone Soup plus three chapter books. I grabbed three hardbacks by Nevada Barr and two paperbacks by James Rollins. I discovered Nevada Barr when I bought a paperback at a garage sale after looking at the description on the back and flipping through it. One of the books I found today is called A Superior Death and is set on Isle Royale National Park – Isle Royale is in Lake Superior North of the Upper Peninsula, practically in Canada. 99% of it is classified as ‘Wilderness’ and the other 1% is for the boats and seaplanes to dock or land. There are shipwrecks around it that attract divers – which is what the book is about. Sounds good!

After the library we went to Hobby Lobby to buy a sheet of magnets to glue to the back of notepads, which we hang on the fridge for making grocery lists. Of course while we were going up and down the aisles looking for the magnets, we were finding the aforementioned paint brushes and paints and workbooks.  They weren’t expensive and we’re caught up on bills right now, so I said yes. I also grabbed a headband made of fabric around a bendable wire, cool idea.

I found some old fashioned candy at the checkout – I bought myself something called a “Cherry Mash”, which Zemanta found a photo of, cut in half to show the inside:

English: A Cherry Mash candy split in half. Ch...

English: A Cherry Mash candy split in half. Cherry Mashes are made by Chase Candy out of St. Joseph, Missouri. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I thought it would be a chocolate covered cherry, with the liquid inside, but this is probably going to be good too. It has recipes on the wrapper that suggest melting the candy and using it for ice cream topping or to make a milkshake. Um, yummy! The final stop was Dollar General for baking mix, pancake syrup, 9 volt batteries, etc.  I like shopping there because the prices are comparable to the big stores but it’s so much less overwhelming. I can run in, grab what I need, check out, and be done in like 15 minutes. Win.

So that was our day, errands and some retail therapy and a good lunch. Anything interesting going on with you?

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