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Benefits Of Betting On Home Team In Sports

One of the questions most often asked by new betters concerns pros and cons that home teams have. Statistics show that in most kind of sports the owners of stadium or sports ground really has significant superiority in matches before guest teams. For example, according to such famous source, as Parimatch International, soccer takes the first place in priority of home teams. In various countries they win 38 up to 51% of National Championships matches. The number of draws is between 18 – 25%. About the same situation is with international football tournaments.

Home teams in basketball, baseball, rugby, ice hockey, volleyball and other sports show the same results with some differences in statistics. However, generally the owners have much better results than the guests. What are the main reasons of such priority? Are there any exceptions of such a rule? Which bets are more reliable: win / draw of home team or guests advantages? You will find the answers in this short review. Hope that the information will be useful and provide more success in your further betting on sports.

Why home teams have more chance?

The first, and the clearest moment of our review is the list of reasons that explain priority of home teams. Here are the most significant features noticed by experts and most sportsmen:

  • Sports ground. In spite of the fact that in each sport special requirements are made to the sports ground, each stadium, field, ice arena have its unique specialties. Of course, players of the home team who usually train and play on this sports ground know this specialties much better than their guests.
  • Time for training. While the guest team gets to the stadium by bus, plain, train or even by foot, their rivals have more time for well preparation. Moreover, home team has more time for rest before the match, and this fact is quite important too.
  • Fans. Support of native fans is one else serious advantage of home team. Moreover, the stadium’s capacity and attendance play an important role here. The more fans visit the match the stronger their support will be.

These three reasons are considered to be the most significant. However, home teams have no absolute profit before their opponents each time. There are some features that break this rule, and they are mentioned in a next part of the review.

When home is not a reason?

If home team always has superiority sports and sport betting would be 100% predictable (and, of course, not interesting). However, there are many reasons when Home / Guest rule plays not an important role in the result of match. Here are just some of the facts that break this rule:

  • matches between clear favorites and underdogs;
  • complete lack of interest in winning at home team;
  • absence of one or a group of the best players;
  • inner psychological problems of home team players.

Moreover, sometimes season and current weather are the reasons too. Especially it concerns international matches when home team have no practice in National Championship, while the guests have.

Which bet type is better?

Betters often have problem with a choice — home team or guest. Here many features should be mentioned. They all were listed in this review. It remains to add only a few tips. First of all, the rule of home team advantage is not actually when guest is a clear favorite. This rule can be easily broken when a home team plays on empty stadium (disqualification of fans). It is necessary to look through the news: maybe some of the main players cannot take part in the match. There are many other factors, too. However, in most cases home team betting provides more profit, but experts’ predictions will be good for this.

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