Free Guest Pass, Free 3-Day Pass Among Perks Offered for Fitness

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect reason to sign up for a gym membership at a facility you’ll actually enjoy visiting, now is the time.  The folks at 24Hour Fitness have come up with a great plan to get you to try out their facility, and it just might be the thing you need to finally get you into all that athleisure wear you’ve been buying online.  After all, it’s really designed to be worn to the gym – not just your book club meeting.   24 Hour Fitness is offering a Free Guest pass with the use of a 24 Hour Fitness coupon from Groupon.  So now that you can get a free guest pass you can take a look inside the fitness center and see what all the fuss is about.  While there, you can check out their circuit station, stretch bar, weights, stationery bikes, look at the classes offered, and read all about their trainer’s back grounds and qualifications.  That’s another perk of joining 24 Hour Fitness, they’ll design a program that’s right for your needs and goals.  Best, you can join and use a 24 Hour Fitness coupon from to save as much as 10% of a new membership and get a free pass for a friend so you can work out together.  Getting there really is half the battle.  If the other half is the budget, let Groupon help you by using one of the many codes they offer to take a little weight off the price of membership.

Summer will be here in no time.  But there’s still time to tackle that new year’s resolution you had to lose weight and feel great.  They say it only takes three weeks for a new routine to become habit.  Once you feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins, and the dopamine kicks in you’ll find yourself automatically heading to the gym to repeat the process.  Soon, your legs and arms will have new definition and your stamina will be greater.  All this leads to a healthy state of mind, and more control over your balanced diet.  Plus, you get the benefit of sleeping well, sharper focus and clarity as you slim down or tone up.

As you fight the urge to splurge this Mother’s Day, remember, there are other holidays coming up in rapid succession, such as Memorial Day, birthdays, graduations celebrations, Prom Night sendoff parties and anniversaries where tempting foods and desserts will be present.  Until we learn to love to celebrate with a good jog around the block instead of sitting down to a plate of food laden with salt and sugar, each week brings the opportunity for victory or defeat.  Let a membership to 24 Hour Fitness be your secret weapon and get in there and fight that bulge with everything you’ve got.  Take mom for a swim at the fitness center this year.  Let her steam her skin in the sauna, then have a tall glass of cool cucumber water, and later unsweetened iced tea.  She’ll feel fine, not stuffed, and will shower you with all the praise you deserve for thinking of her health this year.  Health is wealth at any age.  Be sure you let your loved ones know what you value them by using a Groupon coupon for the 24 Hour Fitness center near you.

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