How to Book the Best Vacation Rentals

Holiday getaways are a must every once in awhile to de-stress and unwind. Let your weekend getaway be extra special by staying in premium vacation rentals that will make you feel like staying in a gorgeous home away from home. Hotels can be cheaper, yes, but they can also be a hassle especially during peak times.


However, there are so many options that you have to go through when looking for a rental that it often gets overwhelming. We know, you just want a quiet place to settle in, so in this article is a list of the best websites that provide excellent service for finding and booking a vacation rental, no matter what your destination is.


Obviously, Airbnb is going to top our list. Every traveller knows about Airbnb.com, since it’s one of the largest websites that offer rentals to vacationers all over the world. Through this website, you can rent a couch (yes, just the couch) or a yacht for a night or the whole week (or the entire month!). You can browse over a million properties: from someone’s apartment to actual vacation rentals, from entire castles to a single bedroom, Airbnb has you covered for accommodation.

You can also read reviews from other users so you know how their experience with certain rentals went, and book rentals through their website or smartphone app. It’s easily the most convenient and most tourist-friendly platform.



Similar to Airbnb where you can stay on someone’s couch or mattress for a night or two, Couchsurfing’s idea is to let backpackers find someone’s residence to stay in and also have a good time with their hosts. Yes, you read that right. Instead of the hosts being out while you’re renting their place, they will stay with you and even take you to the fun places in their town. If half of the reason you are traveling is to meet new people and make friends all over the world, Couchsurfing is definitely the rental website for you.


If you are looking for a private vacation home in the United States or in Europe, HomeAway is the website that lists vacation homes mostly in these areas, from top tourist destinations to secluded areas. Their rentals are truly luxurious and can make your holiday feel topnotch.

You can search through their listings according to your price range, date/s of stay, and extra features like being pet-friendly or free WiFi connection.

Camp in My Garden

Camp in My Garden is the website rental for those who love the outdoors or are simply on a very tight budget for accommodation. Their listings are mostly private backyards in North America and Europe, particularly in United Kingdom, France, and Belgium. You can sleep in a tent in these backyards, and because you’re only renting outdoors, rent is extremely cheap. There are also some hosts that will provide beds, listed as well, and they can cost a bit more, but still very cheap.

If you don’t mind sleeping in a tent as long as you can explore for cheap, Camp in My Garden is truly a magnificent rental site.

Preferred Residences

If you are simply looking for a luxury villa rental and don’t really mind the costs, Preferred Residences offers listings of hotels, condominium rentals, and luxury villas. The website works with the hotels and villa rentals, so it’s really just an easier way to book a hotel room or a villa, and you can enjoy your vacation in luxury without worrying about mosquitos or waking up earlier than your host.

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