Kaitlyn’s Bento-ish School Lunches

In no way can I call these bentos, but “brown bag” doesn’t really fit either since I’m using reusable containers with as little for Kaitlyn to throw away as possible.  I bought a set of EasyLunchboxes because the site said the lids were easy-open and kid friendly, and they are. I’m actually having fun making her lunches in the morning, and she has fun helping me choose what to put in them!

This was her very first school lunch! Turkey and cheese, grapes and blueberries, cherry tomatoes and a dill pickle cut in half.  Plus an 8 ounce bottle of milk (Country Fresh brand, sold at Walmart) and a package of mini muffins that was supposed to be for snack time in the afternoon, but she ate the entire thing at lunch. There was not a single crumb left!

Second lunch, packed by Chris – Turkey and cheese again, a granola bar, a small baggie of Barbara’s Snackimals, baby carrots and dip (found at Walmart), apples, and milk.

Third lunch, packed in a BrightBin container. BrightBins have a top section for a sandwich, then a bottom section with three compartments.  I packed a PB&J in the top


Kaitlyn decided she doesn’t like using these, because she has to open the top, take a bite of sandwich, close the top, take a bite of fruit, etc. She wants to stick to the EasyLunchboxes.

Let’s talk school lunches in the comments – what do you pack in your kid(s) lunch?

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