I Survived Christmas 2008!

You know what doesn’t seem fair? That stores can start putting out Christmas decorations in October, that we can spend months buying and wrapping and decorating and baking, but then Christmas itself is over in a snap. Shouldn’t Christmas itself last about a week for all the work we put into it?

My husband deserves a medal for going to Meijers (our big grocery store) on Christmas Eve morning to get groceries for dinner that night plus food for Christmas Day. He called me while standing in front of the refrigerated case that normally holds all the Pillsbury products to report that there was not a single can of Grands! Cinnamon Rolls left in the entire store. And that every one of the 25 checkout lanes was being used with people lined up waiting. This is a man who hates crowds, so he got major brownie points for that.

We went to my Dad and Stepmom’s on Christmas Eve, where we were showered with new clothes from Macy’s and Kaitlyn got this ginormous, super-soft teddy bear from my stepsister Lori:

Christmas morning was lots of fun, highlighted by our big family gift:

I guess I dropped enough hints, because I got the gift I wanted!

Plus a pink carrying case and the Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass game. It was so sweet of Chris and the boys to brave the crowds at Best Buy to surprise me with it!

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Amazingly, our Christmas tree is holding up, even though it stopped taking water a week ago. We only turn the lights on at night and only for a few hours at a time. And as soon as Waste Management starts picking up trees we’ll put it out for them. Don’t want to have any fires now.

Today we are headed to Macy’s to exchange most of the clothes, hopefully we will get through it without killing each other or anyone else. I’m glad we don’t do anything specific for New Year’s, I don’t think I could handle making any more plans right now. I’m working on getting reviews done and attempting to clear out my inboxes, and here at home I’m trying to figure out where the heck to put all the new toys.

Chris says I have to stop now, so I’ll catch up with you all later!

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