Freschetta Pizza Review and $1 Off Coupon Link

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Freschetta. All opinions are 100% mine.

We eat pizza nearly every Friday night for dinner. Sometimes we have delivery, and sometimes I buy frozen pizza when our budget is tight. I learned of an opportunity through SocialSpark to review Freschetta FlatBread Pizza, said yes to it, and was thrilled when the review kit came in the mail. I love that the box says “Savor. Blog. Repeat.” Inside was a branded pizza cutter, oven mitt and pizza stone.

I headed to Kroger to pick up the pizza (I’m receiving compensation from Freschetta that will cover my purchase), but much to my dismay, couldn’t find Freschetta FlatBread pizza! I even looked behind other boxes to see if it was hiding, but I could not find any. So I crossed my fingers that Freschetta wouldn’t mind a post about another of their pizzas, and picked up Freschetta PizzAmore Pepperoni Duo using the $1.00 off coupon I printed from the Freschetta website. Make sure to click over and print yours!

The amount of toppings on the pizza didn’t exactly match the picture on the box, but I did some pepperoni rearranging to better cover the whole pizza. The round pepperoni pieces were the spicy ones, not too spicy but with a little kick, and the triangles were regular pepperoni. There was an excellent amount of cheese, and, like all frozen pizzas in my opinion, not enough sauce. What I DO like about this pizza is the baking tray it comes on. I don’t have to dirty a pizza pan, and the tray helps the crust brown evenly. Although I didn’t get a photo of the bottom crust, I did check and it was evenly browned as promised.

I like my pizza to have “well done” cheese so I bake it for the maximum time and then a few minutes more if necessary until the cheese is nice and brown, so in these photos, keep that in mind. Here’s before and after:

My kids were the very willing taste-testers, and I heard  lots of “yums” and “can I have another piece”.  Ryan was the photo model this time:

I still want to try the FlatBread pizza, especially the Zesty Italian with pepperoni, sausage, genoa salami and a zesty red sauce. Yum! Grab the coupon from the link posted above and try it for yourself!

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Win a Bathtub’s Worth of Cereal from Ted Murphy

Ted Murphy Halloween

Image by tedmurphy via Flickr

Not only is IZEA CEO Ted Murphy extremely crazy, he’s also extremely dedicated to giving back to the community. He’s having a cereal giveaway with enough boxes of cereal to fill an entire bathtub! And to show just how much fun that is, he got into a bathtub filled with 52 boxes of Cheerios and milk! He’s CRAZY!

Win a Bathtub Full of Cereal from Ted Murphy on Vimeo.

The winner of this promotion will nab themselves 52 boxes of their favorite cereal. You can choose to bathe in your winnings, or simply consume a box of cereal a week for a year like a normal person. But it gets better…you can help families in need in the process. If Ted gets over 500 unique comments on the giveaway post (up to 2 per person) not only will the winner get 52 boxes of cereal, he will also donate 52 boxes of cereal to our local food bank. Everyone wins.

You can enter too by clicking any of the above links. The giveaway isn’t sponsored by any company, Ted is doing this one by himself, just as a way to help people out. He’s an awesomely crazy guy, that Ted Murphy :)

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Say it loud, say it proud…IZEA

In March of 2007, I made a decision that affected me and this blog-I joined PayPerPost. I found not only a way to earn money from blogging, but also a community of people who supported and encouraged me. The CEO of PayPerPost, Ted Murphy, then combined PayPerPost, Zookoda (which provides a subscription email service), SocialSpark (social networking and paid blog opportunities), and the Blogger’s Choice Awards (among others) into one organization called IZEA. I have always been proudly outspoken about being a “Postie”, and now I have an amazing opportunity to become an “IZEA Insider”.

As an Insider, I would spread the word about IZEA products and services, give feedback to the company, work to help grow and strengthen the community, and help with products and new innovations. How cool is that? I would get my own “crew” of bloggers to lead, too! I want new as well as current bloggers to know that IZEA has sites and services that can help all of us grow and improve.

Why would I make a good Insider? Well, for one thing, I LOVE to talk to people. When I get excited about something, whether it’s a new site or a new product, I talk about it on my blogs, on Twitter, on IMs with my blog pals, wherever I can. In the three years since I started this blog, I have used commenting, memes, blog carnivals, and both online and in-person events to tell people about myself and this blog. I’ve also joined a whole lot of social networking groups (I’m probably even forgetting a few!):

MomBloggers Club
Parent Bloggers Network
Team Mom

The first blogging-related event I attended was the BlogHer conference in San Jose in 2006. I was SO nervous, but meeting the bloggers whose writing I had been reading turned out to be incredible. I got hooked on spending time with other bloggers! And I had the incredible opportunity to pose for a photo with the closing Keynote speaker, Ariana Huffington. Listening to her speak about the importance of facing fear was a life-changing moment for me. I came home, bought my domain, and started thinking of myself as a professional blogger.

When I went to BlogHer 2007 in Chicago, I had the privilege of meeting two PayPerPost/IZEA employees, Robb and Joe, who were manning the PPP sponsor table. We hit it off right away and had a cocktail together the first evening, and the second day, they let me sit at the sponsor table with them for a quick photo. They then mentioned meeting me in a blog post, which was a big honor.

The next event I attended was in November, 2007, when I was honored to be asked to participate in an event in Memphis, Tennessee. General Motors flew me out as a member of the press (!) to take part in their Chevy Malibu Drive event. I met Chris Barger, GM’s Director of Global Communications Technology, shared a dinner table with 2008 Chevy Malibu Project Manager Jim Brown (who got a crash course in blogging from me after he asked me exactly what a blog is), and had the Vice President of GM North America as my passenger during one of the test drive legs. It was an amazing opportunity to learn how word-of-mouth marketing can influence the purchasing of products, and I got to drive some really cool cars!

In April, 2008, Blue Suit Media invited me to be in their first group of “Disney Mom Bloggers”. I was invited to Disneyland in Orlando where I spent two days with a terrific group of bloggers getting wined and dined and treated to all kinds of VIP access to the parks. Disney was interested in hearing what Moms thought about their new Budget Family Suites, and what they could do to encourage more families with young kids to visit the parks and stay. It was an incredible weekend and the connections I made are impacting my work to this day. I still help Blue Suit Media with blog campaigns and joined the Mom Bloggers Club after meeting Jennifer James from the MomSalon. And had a lot of fun!

July 2008 was a busy month for me; first I went to BlogHer 2008 in San Francisco. I volunteered to help with the Barnes & Noble bookstore, which entailed coordinating with the blogger/authors who had books they wanted to sell, getting the list of books together for the B&N rep, then helping set up the space and finally, helping with both sales and book signings. I still had time to have fun at the conference, including getting to party with the ladies of Kirtsy at Guy Kawasaki’s house! I passed out about 250 business cards, and when I got home, began working with both Leapfrog and VTech on product review campaigns. I am more than happy to spread the word about my love of their toys!

(me and Guy Kawasaki)

Then on July 28-29, I flew to Cincinnati, Ohio for the Pampers Mommy Bloggers Event. It was a short visit but packed with amazing opportunities. We toured the Proctor & Gamble Archives (which are not open to the public), had a delicious dinner, then spent the next day at Pampers Headquarters where we participated in a panel discussion with several Pampers employees, toured the facility, saw how diapers are made, watched Pampers being tested alongside another leading brand, AND, met the President of UNICEF North America. It was truly an honor to listen to her speak about the work UNICEF and Pampers are doing to wipe out tetanus in developing nations. The people we met there were so excited to have us there, and to have us help spread the word about the campaign. Here’s me with “Mr. Whipple” in the P&G Archives:

The latest event I attended was October 3rd, 2008 at the Palace of Auburn Hills, sponsored by MomCentral and Feld Entertainment, who produces both the Ringling Bros. Circus and the Disney on Ice shows. We met for brunch to talk about how we could use our blogs and websites to spread the word about the upcoming circus shows, then were treated to a performance of Disney On Ice’s “The Incredibles” show. The best part was that I got to take my daughter, who got to “help” me review the show. Here I am with Abbey from MomCentral:

What I hope I have shown is that I understand the importance of marketing not only my blogs but myself as a representative of those brands. As an IZEA Insider, I would also finally be able to attend IZEAfest and do a cake plow with Ted! I might even get to go to BlogWorld in Las Vegas next year, which would be an amazing opportunity as well. I think I would be an asset to IZEA as one of their Insiders, and I hope they choose me for the job. Thanks for reading!

edited to add: I just wanted to show those of you who aren’t familiar with Ted Murphy, CEO of IZEA, just what a fun guy he can be. Here he is in his Tooth Fairy Halloween Costume-

Now THAT’S the kind of boss I want to have :)

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