10 Tips to Spruce Up a Tired Looking Condo Home

One of the most common problems of homeowners, especially those living in a condominium, is how to change the look of their homes to make their places look fresh and more inviting just like Montreal’s new condos. Usually, homeowners have to deal with the minimal space as well as the budget, making the task of sprucing up their space more challenging.

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But, turning your ideal condo space into reality does not have to be so complicated. There are simple tips that you can follow to spruce up your condo and below are 10 of them.

  1. Get rid of items that you are no longer using. If you need to keep important items, find storage areas which are not very visible. Decluttering may sound simple, but it can definitely help a lot.
  2. Organize your bins and baskets so that you can store your stuff in a decorative way. You can store pillows and blankets in a cute laundry bag, as well as other things that you need to keep, especially during the day. Bins and baskets do not only work as storage, they can also serve as decorations too.
  3. Give your walls a new breath of life by putting on a fresh coat of paint. You do not even have to experiment with colors because white walls will never go out of style. They can even serve as a big canvas for your preferred decorative pieces.
  4. Rearrange your lighting and add if necessary. Use lighting to define spaces in your condo, such as adding a table lamp by your reading chair or using a dimmer for overhead lights.
  5. Put an area rug to change up an entire space. Got for a classic and neutral design so that it will not take all the attention away from other great pieces in your condo. A light colored rug can also open up your space and make it look and feel bigger.
  6. Use mirrors and glass surfaces to reflect light and to create an illusion that your space is larger than it really is. Mirrors and glass surfaces also give out a modern vibe, making your space look fresh and up to date. Additionally, clear glass tops give the impression of openness, which is advantageous to condo dwellers because of the limited space.
  7. Add some life to your space by incorporating some plants with fresh flowers into your decor. Just be careful not to overdo it with too many house plants. You only need at least one large or two small plants bunched together or placed in two different areas of different heights. Aside from bringing a bit of the outdoors into your home, they can also add a more refreshing color.
  8. Have floating shelves installed so that you can free up some floor space. These shelves can add tons of storage and still look contemporary.
  9. Of course, do not forget about the beddings. Change things up in your sleeping area by getting new beddings that go with your condo’s overall vibe. If you want an all white bedding, make sure that you can use bleach on them so that you can keep them immaculately neat and tidy as long as possible.
  10.  Most importantly, sprucing up your condo will not be complete without tidying up and eliminating grunge. You may be cleaning on a weekly or daily basis, but make sure that you do some deep cleaning at least twice a  year or even more. Clean areas that are often overlooked that they have already become downright dirty. For instance, your old bathroom tiles may need to be cleaned and regrouted to make them look hygienic and fresh again.

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