4 Tips to Cut Household Expenses This Summer

Summer is one of the most fun times of year, and because of that, it’s also one of the most expensive. From long days at pricey amusement parks to tropical vacations on the beach, you and your family could be spending big unless you make a few cuts to the budget. Keep your financial outlook under control without sacrificing fun by following these tips to cut your household expenses this summer.

Program the Thermostat

Keeping the temperature comfortable in your home is the single biggest energy cost in the summer. While there’s no way around using your HVAC system to cool the air, you can use less energy with a smart thermostat. This device allows you to raise the temperature during the day while you’re at work, saving you a few dollars. Then, it will automatically adjust right before you get home so that your abode is cooled for your arrival.

There are many smart thermostats to choose from, all of which come with their own unique features. Look for one that offers automatic temperature adjustment based on data from motion sensors, so all you have to do is install it to save big.

Find Free Activities in the Community4826969835_4f8d5ac167

Image via Flickr by Lotzman Katzman

Taking the whole family out on an excursion can get expensive, especially if you’re going to an attraction that charges fees for each person. Instead of bankrupting yourself for a few hours of fun, look around your local community for free or low-cost activities. There are plenty of resources out there, such as community calendars, websites, and newspapers, that list what’s happening in your local neighborhood. Also check your library, city hall, and nearby colleges to see if they offer any programming to keep kids occupied.

Choose a Vacation Destination Close to Home

Everyone loves heading to the beach for a fun stay in the sun. However, it’s not exactly ideal for your bank account. Flights alone are enough to drop your bank account several thousand dollars. 

Avoid this miserable hiccup by staying somewhere close to home. There’s bound to be a drivable oasis within a few hours of your home. While it might not be tropical, you’ll still be able to relax in a foreign or exciting place. Pack up your car, find a hotel, campsite, or Airbnb that’s affordable, and set off on your fun local adventure.

Shop at Farmers’ Markets

Summer brings with it a fruitful harvest, so why not take advantage of the bounty nature is offering you? Farmers’ markets are a great way to skip out on the expensive, fried foods at summer fairs while also keeping your family healthy. Buy in-season fruits and vegetables to take advantage of lower prices. Plus, you can buy in bulk and haggle on prices to get deals far superior to that of your local supermarket.

These certainly aren’t the only ways to save money on your household expenses this summer, but they’re a good start. If you follow this advice, you’ll hopefully be able to make it through this costly season with minimal damage to your finances.

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