5 Warm Drinks to Make This Fall

Fall is upon us, and with fall comes cold weather. Fall brings harvest, and fresh apples, pumpkins, and corn mazes. Fall is also the time to start pulling out recipes for deliciously warm beverages; so long iced tea, hello hot apple cider!


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Whether at home with a book or at your favorite café, there is no shortage of delicious fall food and drinks. Using seasonal fruits and a wide variety of spices, there are many things to try. From apple cider to pumpkin spice, here are five warm drinks to make and savor this fall.


Move over pumpkin spice lattes, there is a new fall pumpkin drink in town! Pumpkin Chai Tea takes a standard chai recipe and adds canned pumpkin, vanilla, and sugar. This gives the drink the pumpkin taste that so many people enjoy in the fall. Of course, the Pumpkin Spice Latte is always a tasty option if you are looking for pumpkin flavored drink. There are so many wonderful pumpkin flavored treats this year that it seems a shame to not try them all.


Aside from the pumpkin chai tea, there are many different chai tea recipes to try and enjoy this autumn. One that you should not miss, however, is the classic Spiced Chai Latte. The various spices in this drink, like in so many others, can be adjusted to the personal preferences of the drinker. This helps create a drink that is unique to the person who made it. It also uses a wide variety of spices, creating a unique and rich flavor.

There is something about a warm drink in your hand on a crisp fall day that warms your heart, and also warms your body.  Some companies make customized mugs, like these Deneen Pottery custom mugs, in a variety of shapes. Not only can you put your own logo on them, you can ensure that they fit your hands and help keep you warm during the chilly fall days.


Apples are a wonderful fall fruit. Crisp and juicy, apple harvesting can be a fun activity. Apples are also the main ingredient in Hot Apple Cider, a classic fall drink. Apple Cider can be flavored with other fruits, like orange and lemon, and spices like cinnamon. Apple Cider is interesting because it can be a fancy beverage with lots of extra tastes added, or it can be simple.

One example of the fancier cider is called Caramel Apple Spice. Based on the drink served at Starbucks, this slow cooker recipe adds a few extra things to the classic Hot Apple Cider recipe. This recipe requires several spices and a healthy serving of caramel. These additions give it the very appropriate name of Caramel Apple Spice.

When cold winds start to move in, the time is perfect to start drinking pumpkin or apple flavored hot beverages. If those don’t appeal to you, check out the various chai teas or hot chocolates that are available. Whatever your tastes, there is likely a fall drink for you. Stay warm this season with a mug full of some old or new favorite fall beverage!

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