Basics of Wedding Catering

No surprise that wedding is a special day and that it is always unique for every couple in the world. If you are only planning your wedding or has already started then you need to consider having a careful and close look at your catering because it is one of the most important parts of the whole occasion. Below we prepared several basics you should know about when planning your wedding catering.


Though some people say that it is not important, experts from Parts & Labour who offer private catering in Toronto explain that it is the foundation of everything, Try to set the budget first and then look at the opportunities a caterer has to offer you and always stick to the plan you have. Remember that wedding catering is one of the brightest memories your guests will have about your wedding so make sure to make it perfect but within the budget.


The second most important thing to consider is time that includes not only the order of serving dishes at the dinner or the time your wedding begins but also the date of a special day. In this respect timing is simply vital because you need to find a good and reliable wedding catering company in Toronto and discuss all details about the dinner to make sure everything is perfect.


When you are planning your menu you should, undoubtedly, think about what food preferences you have or what kind of theme your wedding has. But you need to also consider tastes and food choice of your guests to make sure that everything has something to eat during the night. For example, you might have vegetarian or lactose intolerant friends who might need special dishes to be cooked. Think about it beforehand and discuss these details with your caterer to avoid any unpleasant situations on your wedding day.


Presentation is also important probably at the same level as food choice. Professional wedding caterers are able to create masterpieces out of the simplest dishes. This is a moment when you need to turn your creativity on and think about some special serving ways to make you food look and consequently taste even better.

Type of serving

And the final tip that we would like to mention about wedding catering tricks is to think whether you want to have a buffet or a plated diner. The type of serving influences the cost of services, where buffet costs less, and at the same time can set the tone of the whole evening. Consider also cocktails hour or stations with deserts in several parts of your wedding venue. This is also a place for creativity and way to intrigue your guests. Furthermore, you can combine two options serving main courses and appetizers in a plated-diner way while leaving deserts for stations or buffet style. Consider what will be more appropriate to your evening and what you prefer.

We hope that the above mentioned basics about wedding catering from Toronto experts will help you make your special day unforgettable to everyone!

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