Best BBQ Fusion

BBQ is more than just ribs, brisket, chicken and pulled pork. There are so many BBQ foods and products out there that are downright delicious. Check out our list below of some of the best unconventional foods to grill, along with the best BBQ gifts to please any grill master.



While we all love our traditional BBQ, have you ever thought of mixing it up a bit or are just curious about all the barbeque food fusions out there? Try making one of these foods on the barbie for a different spin on conventional BBQ.

  • French Toast- Bread, cinnamon, powdered sugar AND grill marks… what could be better? Make this favorite breakfast treat on the grill and you surely won’t regret it.

  • Fruit Kabobs- Everyone has had the traditional kabob on the grill. While veggies and meat taste even better with a few grill marks, fruit kabobs are the perfect combination of sweet and charred. Try using fruits like strawberries and pineapple since they’re easier to stay on a wooden stick while it grills.

  • Pizza- If you are making your own pizza from scratch, consider cooking the dough on the grill. Place the flattened dough on the grill and keep a close eye on it. It will only take about three minutes to get grill marks. Flip it over for another three minutes on the other side. Pull it off and top with your favorite toppings. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

  • Salad- Salad on the grill? We are serious. Simply brush romaine lettuce with olive oil and place it directly on to the grill. In a few minutes you will have a perfectly charred veggie that is great on its own or as a topping for a burger.

  • Oysters– Forget waiting around for oysters to open up; throw them on the grill instead! You know they are done when they open up on their own, which means no hassle for you. Oysters are perfect for a meal or even as appetizers at a party.


If you don’t feel like mixing up the food you are making on the grill, check out these interesting BBQ inspired products that are perfect for any grill lover.

  • Personalized BBQ Branding Iron- This iron can brand your meat with any three letters that you choose. Give a shout out to “mom” or say hey to “dad” with this very unique gift.

  • BBQ Briefcase- Calling all grill masters, this one is for you. This briefcase has everything you need to make all of the dishes you love on the grill. Plus, you never have to worry about losing your shish-kabob skewers again because you get this briefcase to keep all of the pieces together.

  • Non-Stick Corn Grilling Basket- Never burn your corn again! This corn basket can evenly grill up to four pieces of corn at the same time. Adjust the size of the basket to fit any size of corn and you are good to go.

  • Barbeque Cologne “Que”- This is for the true BBQ lovers, only. If you want to take the delicious and smoky musk of barbeque with you wherever you go, sprits some of this stuff on you. Warning: you might accumulate a following of fellow barbeque lovers.

Sammy Jo writes for Lutz’s BBQ, a local BBQ joint in Columbia and Jefferson City, Mo. Lutz’s serves award-winning smoked meats and sauces.

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