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Coastal Dining: Foods you should expect to Eat

When you travel back and forth between the East and West Coast, there are certain foods you expect to find. It is fairly common for coastal states, cities and restaurants to serve foods that are fresh and easily acquired because of the proximity to the source. If you have never noticed this before, or you are interested in learning more about what foods taste best where, the following guide will help.

West Coast Dining

West coast dining should include plenty of fresh fruit, including tropical fruit, as well as avocados (which are very popular on the west coast).

You should also expect to find the freshest and best salmon, direct from Alaska and flown in on boats in the morning, as well as Alaskan King Crab and snow crab. As for vegetables, asparagus and spinach are grown in California and some parts of Oregon and Washington State and brought directly from harvest to the table. Grapes grown in coastal states and wines made from the coastal and valley wineries, as well as some citrus fruits, round out any plate.

Restaurants that serve both East and West coast patrons have a menagerie of tasty delights from both coasts on their menus, but fine dining in these restaurants is best consumed with local foods in season.


East Coast Dining

East coast dining has its own niche foods as well, including different kinds of seafood and freshwater fish.

In East coast restaurants, such as Fig and Olive WashingtonD.C., you should be partaking of scallops, lobster, shrimp, rainbow trout, grass-fed beef and steak and dishes made with fresh prosciutto. Dishes made with different squashes (as they grow well in the colder regions and produce excellent flavors) are regular favorites. To wash down your East coast flavors, try a micro-brew that incorporates cherry and/or berry flavors.

Most of the seafood on the East coast is also fresh-caught, but typically comes in by boat daily. Restaurants buy up whatever they can and use it right away. Shellfish are sometimes flown in from the Gulf, but scallops and lobster consistently come in by “catch of the day” ships that boat closer to the coastline near D.C..

As for Desserts…

After you have successfully dined on the freshest and best foods the coasts have to offer, there is always dessert. Ask the waitstaff what he or she would recommend. There is often a unique dessert made by the house chefs that is the most popular item, and this is worthy of sampling if you can get it.

Be sure to try something you have never tried before. It is always worth sampling something new to discover what else you may enjoy or want to revisit when you visit the East or West coast restaurants again in the future.

Let the foodie in you enjoy every course of meal in the best way possible. Experimenting along with having room for favorite dish is the real game changer! Hope you have one of the best coastal food experience of your life!

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