Coffee Flavours You Should Have at Home

Thanks to some of the best home espresso machines and the wealth of ingredients now available on the market, you no longer have to go to the nearby coffee shop to have a good cup of coffee. You can play with different coffee recipes and try new things too.


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Aside from an espresso machine and milk frother, there are other things you may want to keep at home if you’re serious about trying different coffee recipes. Flavouring syrups are among the best ingredients to have, and we have the best ones to pick right here in this article.

Almond and Hazelnut

Almond and hazelnut are by far the two most popular flavours for DIY coffee recipes. They are also very popular at coffee shops, mainly because the nutty flavours of the two work really well with coffee. You can have an iced hazelnut latte or go for a more traditional almond-flavoured cappuccino in the morning.

There are some great recipes to try too. A simple almond iced coffee, for instance, is very easy to try. You can make one with strong-brewed coffee or with your favourite cold-brew. Almond works really well with other flavours too.

Fruit Flavours

There are a lot of fruit-flavoured syrups on the market and they are great for coffee too. Banana is one of the most popular flavours in this category; adding banana flavouring to your morning coffee will add that extra aroma and freshness to the drink. You’ll be surprised by how well other fruity flavours – including grape and strawberry – work with coffee.

Add a dash of Sweetbird’s Banana Flavouring Syrup to a glass of iced coffee to produce a tasty yet interesting flavour. You can also mix slices of banana and a teaspoon of banana flavouring syrup to iced latte. The combination works really well for afternoon coffees, especially the one glass you need after a long day at work.


We can’t really talk about coffee syrups without talking about vanilla. This is the one flavour you would want to have around the house. Vanilla flavouring syrup doesn’t just work really well with coffee. It can be added to tea and other drinks as well. You can even use the vanilla syrup on top of pancakes or toast for that extra vanilla aroma we all love so much.

There are endless recipes for adding vanilla syrup into coffee. You can go with the usual iced vanilla latte, experiment by creating your own vanilla macchiato, or even go a step further and brew your own vanilla white coffee. The latter is actually a must-try; have a cup in the morning and you’ll never want to have black coffee ever again.

These are just some of the most popular coffee flavouring syrups on the market. There are other flavours to try too, including chocolate and caramel. Browse through catalogues of coffee flavouring syrups online and pick up a couple of flavours that you like the most. You can then experiment with more DIY flavoured coffee recipes.

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