Everything You Need to Know about Lobsters – and Why You Should Eat More of them

The lobster is a well-known sea creature that is most famous for its delicious meat, served usually on special occasions or in extravagant settings. However, it’s sad most people think that way; the food is not only delicious, but very nutritious as well, and should be served on a regular basis.

The crustacean has plenty of benefits, after all, and these advantages include benefits to your health as well. There’s a lot more to the lobster than meets the eye! Thinking about improving your diet? Here’s everything you need to know about lobsters – and why you should eat more of them.

The healthy heart

Lobster has a good amount of sodium (which is not recommended for those suffering from high blood pressure), and this amount of sodium ensures that inflammations are prevented and thanks to the high amounts of protein and lean fats (omega 3 and omega 6) the cholesterol that you receive from lobster is of the healthy kind – it’s nutritious food that builds muscles and encourages the active person to live life to the fullest.

Cognition improvement

The amount of minerals that are found in lobster is staggering – and this immediately benefits the brain and your cognitive abilities. Think of minerals such as copper, potassium and choline, as well as vitamins such as B12; all of these help you maintain optimum balance and ensure your neurotransmitters are working at maximum capacity.

Growth and Recuperation

Because lobster is such a valuable source of protein, it’s excellent when it comes to repair of torn tissue or muscle regeneration after a hard day’s work or athletic performance. A weekly dose of lobster is sure to increase vitality and healthy tissue.

Inflammation reduction

The protein and fat content (healthy fat content) that is found is great for reducing and fighting inflammations. They have been proven to increase the production of prostaglandins, compounds that protect the body.

More energy

We all need protein – it gives us energy. The great thing about lobster is that it delivers high protein content without you feeling full or heavy after consumption! More energy without that bloated feeling.

However, to be fair, we need to include two specifics when it comes to health: lobster is quite high in sodium and cholesterol, so it may not be suitable for those suffering from high blood pressure or other health conditions that demand you control sodium or cholesterol intake. However, if you have those conditions under control and have reached a certain age, you should also know that lobster contains essential minerals that help you straighten your bones. Plenty of advantages, so go grab some lobster through a great online lobster delivery service the next time you’re craving excellent seafood.






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