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Finding a Steakhouse for a First Date

Nothing quite gets the nerves going like a first date. Especially in this day and age where there is a good chance that you have not even met the person before. Online dating is just as prevalent now as meeting the old fashion way. In fact, new studies suggest more relationships start online now than in person. Which is not a bad thing, since in the past people would often meet for the first time in a bar instead. Online or in a bar? I think I would choose online.


There are a million things to plan for a first date. Do you bring this person flowers or some sort of gift even if you have never met them before in person? Would it be considered too presumptuous to do so? Would it look like you were just trying a bit too hard? Also, picking out your outfit for the date can be complicated. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so showing up in a wrinkly shirt or dirty jeans would certainly be frowned upon. Plus, you have to plan ahead on topics and conversations you want to have with your date. Quite a few people try winging the conversation part. Quite a few people do not get a second date because of this.


One thing that you should not have to worry about is bringing your date to a nice restaurant. Everyone likes steak, or at least can find something on the menu at a steakhouse. Your date will be impressed with your thoughtfulness if you choose the perfect steakhouse correctly. But here is the tricky part. How do you find a good steakhouse?


A steak that can be cut through with a fork is sure to amaze your date. A steak that needs a chainsaw to cut through and will pull out teeth as you try chewing will leave a lasting impression on your date, a bad impression. In addition, the service is just as important as the food. If you and your date are being ignored during the night, it won’t matter how good the food is. Plus, a good dessert menu is definitely needed. You will know for sure that the date is going well if the other person wants to spend a bit more time together by having some sort of dessert. If they aren’t liking you at all, they will forgo the dessert and head for the door.


Location is important as well when figuring out which steakhouse to choose for your date. First dates can be a bit complicated. It may be the only time your date does not want you to pick them up in your car and escort them to the place. Safety is a major concern on a first date, especially if you have met online. You can never be certain just what the other person is going to be like. Because of this, choose a good steakhouse that is between where the two of you live. If you can’t find one, then choose one closer to your date’s house.


So how are you supposed to know which steakhouse is best? Just how can you try the best steakhouse restaurant in the heart of Montreal? Before the internet was around, you had to rely on the advice of friends and neighbours. But with the digital age that we live in, spend an hour or so searching reviews online. Read over each of their Facebook pages as well. Make sure the reviews are coming from real people. Once in a while you come across a review that deems the establishment so perfect that it is tough to believe. There may be some fake reviews for the place online, but if you read enough, you will be able to come across some real reviews as well.


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