From Ramsey to Sambol: The best restauranteurs are from a different planet

The restaurants business is like no other. Contrary to popular belief, cooking a scrumptious dish is rarely enough. Instead, you need other qualities that are going to make a success of your restaurant, and even then it’s an incredibly difficult industry to crack.

In fact, it’s just getting harder. With the likes of Trip Advisor taking over the internet, it means that any bad feedback is going to be ten times as damaging as all of the great feedback you’ve got.

In other words, you’ve not just got to be great in the kitchen, but have thick skin and a whole host of other attributes that give you a chance of succeeding.

Well, some restauranteurs in the country have these qualities and more. We’re talking about the best restaurant entrepreneurs in the land and to see what makes them tick, let’s take a look at them all in more detail.

Gordon Ramsey

Like in most industries, taking something from the UK to the US is one of the most difficult things around. It’s a completely different market and suffice to say, most people fail.

Well, Ramsey isn’t most people. From his hugely popular television series’ that have translated perfectly across the pond, to all of the restaurants that are springing open – he’s one of the best restaurateurs in the world.

He also happens to be one of the most unique. His passion will rarely be rivalled and while his dishes are of course sublime, the fact he has opened up such a wide degree of restaurants and made them roaring successes which is the most impressive.

Bob Sambol

Next on the list is Bob Sambol and while he might not have his own television series, it would be fair to say that his restaurants are also very highly rated.

It all started out with Bob’s Steak and Chop House, before it recently progressed to The Hall in West Dallas.

Suffice to so say, Sambol is an expert when it comes to steak. The fact he has been able to transfer his success over to the sports bar business says everything you need to know about his qualities.

Paula Deen

While Gordon Ramsey may have arrived from across the pond, Paula Deen has done it all on home soil.

The author of fourteen cookbooks, it would be fair to say that Deen knows a thing or two about cooking. Of course, she also has her own establishments as well including Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen, The Lady & Sons and the Paula Deen Buffet. The fact she started out in her own kitchen before progressing to such a scale not only speaks volumes about her dishes, but her character as well.

Her status as one of the best chefs in the country is just emphasized through her appearance on the small screen, with Deen invited to take part in series’ such as Dancing with the Stars, Who Do You Think You Are and Oprah’s Next Chapter over the last few years.

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