How Many Hot Wings Can You Eat?

Eating contests are all the rage now. Every Fourth of July people gather round to watch people eat an obscene amount of hot dogs in less than an hour. But hot dogs aren’t the only thing being gobbled up by people in contests for not only attention, but also monetary prizes. There is an eating contest for pretty much every type of food, yes, including hot wings.

And contrary to popular belief, it is not just men entering and winning these eating competitions. In fact, Molly Schuyler, a Nebraskan mother, beat the previous record of 337 this January by eating 363 chicken wings in 30 minutes.  However, don’t expect to be coming anywhere near this number when you sit down to eat some chicken wings during your 30 minute lunch break. Most people eat about 10 chicken wings as a serving, if that is the main part of their meal. If you are eating chicken wings as an appetizer, you should probably only eat about 3-6 as a portion size. The number of wings you should eat is obviously going to vary on how big the chicken wings are, if they are bigger you need less to make a portion. If you are cooking them at home make sure you check the serving size, and if you are at a restaurant ask your server for nutritional info.

However if you’re not looking to abide by portion sizes, which many people aren’t, there are many smaller scale versions of eating contests at certain restaurants. I’m sure most people have seen contests where you can order a gigantic burger and if you eat the whole thing you get it for free. While there aren’t as many of these contests for chicken wings, there are still a few out there. Sometimes a group of young guys will also come in and see who can eat the most hot wings out of their group of friends.

Generally, many people aren’t able to eat obscene amounts of food like most eating competition winners are. Molly Schuyler, who won the chicken wing contest, also dominates eating competitions with other foods such as steak, bacon and pancakes. Schuyler said that her abilities are just a weird human trick, especially considering she only weighs 125 pounds. She is listed by All Pro Eating as the top female in the world, so don’t feel bad if you can’t match up to her eating abilities.

Eating competitions are a real sport, and you should not attempt them at home. For every professional eating competition, the people are trained and there are medical staff available to assist if need be. Many competitive eaters actually train to be lean so that their stomach can expand more when they overeat in competitions. Competitive eaters also drink a lot of fluids to expand their stomachs even more, to allow them to eat copious amounts of food when they compete. The average person would not be able to do this, so you should stick to a regular portion size when eating your hot wings.

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