How to keep positive when suffering with an illness

Suffering with an illness, especially a long term illness can be very tough mentally as well as physically. Not being able to do the normal things of life takes a toll on a person. Life may never be the same as it was again, and trying to prevent slipping into depression can be very difficult. However, keeping a positive attitude is important and it has been said can help the healing process. To achieve this, here are some things that can be done. 
Staying personally clean and keeping a fresh environment can really help to keep a person’s chin up. Daily bathing, teeth cleaning and hair brushing are really important things to do. If this isn’t possible without help, then ask for some help. Dressing in fresh clothes, and changing from nightwear to day wear help keep a sense of dignity. Moving out of bed whenever possible is a great idea, even if it’s only to sit a chair next to it. Nice clean sheets, an open window, and all tissues, old newspapers and rubbish removed often will all make for a sweeter atmosphere. Add some fresh flowers and the room can be a much more uplifting place to be.

Being surrounded with happy sights and sounds can really improve a person’s mood. No weepy films or sad books during this time, only comedies, happy love stories and upbeat music. Laughter really is a tonic in itself. Invite full-of-life people in, or call, Skype and email those friends who have a joyful outlook and plenty of tales to tell.

Eating and drinking well can improve recovery as good nutrition helps the body heal. Plenty of fruit and vegetables, and lots of water, help prevent a sluggish feeling, and keep the digestion system working as it should. Eating smaller amounts more often is usually more palatable when feeling under the weather. There’s a reason grapes are traditionally taken as gifts to patients in hospital.

Sometimes, writing in a journal and getting it all out there is very therapeutic. Putting down in words symptoms, emotions and streams of thought can be a kind of release. Maybe even writing a blog about it will help. Add to this any thoughts about the good things in life. Sometimes an illness can make a person look at their life in a whole new way, becoming thankful for things that they used to take for granted and grateful for the blessings they have.

It is always easier to be positive during an illness if there aren’t any financial worries or concerns over the type of treatment received. Having some cancer insurance, critical illness cover or cancer cover can help with this. Insurances can make sure the best medical care is provided privately, often giving more options. This kind of reassurance will need some forward planning though; it can’t be done after an illness has been diagnosed so consider taking out a plan early if this sounds like a good idea.

Lastly, accepting an illness and making necessary adjustments to daily life is key. Trying to keep going regardless is impossible and might just make things worse.

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