How to plan for a get-together with your friends

Any kind of get-together with friends requires a little bit of planning. Even if it’s just a few of your closest friends, thinking ahead can turn an average time together into a great event that everyone will remember. 

small appetizers1) Send invites

No matter what type of get-together you’re planning, you’ll need to send out some form of invite. If it’s a more structured or formal event, you should send a type of invite that portrays the sentiment. An invite delivered by mail, or even an e-vite, can let the receiver know this event is more than just time to hang out with friends and should be handled more formally. For a more casual get-together, consider a more informal invite like a mass-text, a Facebook invite, or even just a phone call.

2) Have snacks prepared
Whether your event involves meeting at your place and then going out, or just staying at your place, you’ll need to have snacks prepared. Things like pecans, small appetizers, or other finger foods are great options to help create a comfortable environment where people can chat and bond over food.

3) Create a music playlist
The same scenario goes for music- whether you’re planning on having your friends meet at your place or stay at your place, you should have music playing that fits the tone of your get together. Music is another way to lighten the mood and help people bond while they eat and wait for the main part of the event to start. Create a playlist ahead of time so it’s taken care of by the time guest arrive.

4) Decide on a theme/event

Plan the main purpose of your event ahead of time. Whether this involves games to play for a bridal shower, bars to visit while bar hopping, or even just games to play for a board game night, put effort into planning the day/night out to ensure you and your friends aren’t together with nothing to do. It’s also a good idea to have back up ideas in case some of your events don’t go exactly as you had planned. Having a theme in mind is also necessary particularly if your event is more formal. A work party, wedding shower, or birthday, for example are fun occasions to have centered around a unique theme. Keep in mind that the theme may influence your food, attire, decorations, games, and music, so pick a theme that can be translated easily to each of these categories.

5) Plan the main event
Depending on your event, planning the reason for getting together may take a great deal of planning or hardly any planning at all. No matter which category your event falls under, make sure to have the event happenings planned out ahead of time. If you and your friends are going to another destination, this may include planning ahead for transportation. Do you live in a city where the metro is an option or do people need to drive? If you’re planning a movie night are the movies you selected liked and considered acceptable to the guests you invited? This is another place where planning a backup option may be a good idea, in case something like your transportation falls through.

With just a little bit of planning prior to your get-together, you can make whatever type of occasion you host a successful event!

Linda White is a freelance blogger and writer and an at-home mother of two who enjoys writing and hiking in her spare time.

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