How to Reduce the Cost of Motorcycle Insurance

Are you sure you want to own and ride a motorcycle? The crash statistics aren’t very encouraging. If you’re a motorcyclist, you’re 6 times more likely to die than a car passenger, on a “per registered vehicle” basis. On a “per mile travelled” basis, you’re 26 times more like to die than a car passenger or driver. You also have to get motorcycle insurance, and you can bet your motorcycle that your insurance agent knows these stats.


If you’re determined to own a motorcycle, at least there are ways for you to get proper coverage and reduce the cost of the premiums. Here are some ways you ought to consider.

  1. Always drive safely. This means you leave the stunts for the pros and you always follow the laws regarding motorcycle riding. This can then get you a spotless driving record, which may impress your insurance agent.

This works better if you’re a bit older and you already have an extensive driving record. If you have a long history of driving, then you can assure your insurance company that you are indeed a safe driver. If you’re a teenager or a young adult, you may have to pay higher premiums. But at least you can start practicing safe motorcycling so that in the future you can reduce your premiums.

  1. Take lots of safety courses. It is technically possible that you can get motorcycle insurance without taking a safety course. But then it just makes sense to take all the safety courses you can get. This just won’t educate you, but will also reassure your insurance company.

To really get the premiums down, ask the insurance agent if they do offer discounts when you take these safety courses. In some cases, the insurance firm may even have a list of recommended safety courses you can take that will certainly result on a medium deduction.

  1. Install in some special safety gear. Ask the insurance agent if they also offer reductions when you buy the safety gear they recommend. These may include the proper helmets, pants, jackets, and perhaps even body armor. These things just won’t keep you safer and reduce the severity of your injuries, but you may get a special discount on premiums as well.
  2. See if storing the motorcycle indoors can result in some reductions for the premiums. If you own a motorcycle, you don’t really want to just park your vehicle outside your house. It seems like a very tempting target for thieves, since there’s no lock to deter them. At least when you get them indoors, you can keep thieves from seeing your bike. You also have a lock as an extra deterrent.

Storing your motorcycle indoors may result in lowering the cost of insurance, since it reduces the likelihood of theft and vandalism. Also, by putting your motorcycle indoors you can keep it clean and you protect your vehicle from the elements.

  1. Limit your riding. Are you sure you want to ride your motorcycle every day to and from work? This can be hard on your body, and you risk your life and health every day. You may want to just ride during the weekend instead. This may also help convince your insurance agent that you’re not as risky to cover.

It’s true that riding a motorcycle can be an exhilarating and liberating experience. But you need motorcycle insurance too, and that can be expensive. At least with these tips, you now have ways of reducing the cost to a more affordable range.

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