Is There A Connection Of Luck In Gambling?

Gambling is old as time itself, and many people look forward to trying their luck at the casino. Some people rush to Las Vegas, the gambling capital of the US, or Ocean City Maryland boardwalk hotels with casinos to try their luck the first time. Others looking for reputable online casinos with bonuses go to, so they can gamble from the comfort of their own homes.

When we talk about gambling, there seems to be an element of luck that flows with it, but is there really luck that walks hand-and-hand with gambling?

Perhaps, there is something that motivates people to join the crowd of fortune seekers. The truth is that many people believe in luck in gambling even though much success has to do with odds.

Nonetheless, today we will look into if there is a connection of luck when it comes to gambling.

Lucky Charms

Some people believe in lucky charms. They buy something which they believe can attract good fortune, especially while they are playing card games or slot machines. They carry it during the games or even put it in their pocket.

However, over the years the cheats in the casinos have tried to use various small devices to try to trick machines and signal other players who use tiny microchips in card games. You might get security eyeing your lucky charm and even pulling you to the side to make sure you’re a legit customer.

Variations in Beliefs

Every country has its own different history and culture. This includes native beliefs in luck. In China, many people still hold on to the belief that 888 is a combination of numbers that can bring fortune not only in business but also in gambling.

In South Korea, people believe that the number four is the unluckiest number to avoid. This is why you can’t find the fourth level in every building in the country. When they play gambling games, they are scared of this number.

The fact that online casinos can now be accessed by anyone around the world, every game is no longer dictated by a single belief as there are many players around the world playing at online casinos with various motivations.

Is Luck Connected to Gambling Success?


Some people say that successful gamblers are simply lucky. Although there is no basis in saying it, it’s also hard to find any basis that it isn’t true. However, there are people who are really lucky in gambling for unknown reason.

What we don’t know is how they become lucky and what they have done to become so. There are lucky players who don’t even know why they keep winning. Nevertheless, not all successful players are lucky. Some of them are just skilled. They know how to win a game and twist everything in their favor.

Those who are skilled at math and can do quick equations are among those who know a game inside and out and what the odds really are. These people are known to know what to look for and may be good at counting cards. Las Vegas among many other casinos can’t stop people from counting cards, but they can decrease the odds by using multiple decks of cards in the various card games.


Definitely, luck doesn’t have any scientific connection in gambling. It’s also false to believe that some people are born lucky, and some are not. Gambling can be taken upon by an assortment of people, but there seems to be more skill than luck involved in these circumstances.

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