Luxury Touches to Make an Event Special

Whether you are planning a wedding or business event, you’ll want to make sure it’s well remembered. In today’s society, we attend events all the time. There’s proms, engagement parties, birthday parties, weddings, corporate events, launch parties and many others. While events and parties are always good fun, with so many, they can start to feel a little dull. To make sure your event stands out, it’s a good idea to add some luxurious touches. Here’s a look at some of the best.


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A Quirky Invite

Event invitations can be ridiculously expensive. By the time you’ve added personalization, envelopes, RSVPs, information sheets and anything else you might need, you can be paying a small fortune per head. Just to find they look almost exactly the same as 10 others you received this year. Instead, think about making your own. Polaroid’s can make a cheap, but cool alternative.

A Personal Welcome

A personal welcome will make your guests feel special as soon as they walk through the door. If you know them well, you’ll have no trouble organizing their favorite drink, or something in their favorite color with their name on. Anything that’s a little different and just for them.

If you don’t know them as well, set up a questionnaire online to get the information you need.


Who doesn’t love chocolates? Handmade sweets like these from McCrea’s Candies absolutely scream luxury. Leave them in your guest’s rooms, on chairs or with goodie bags to make sure everyone gets some.


Flowers are another simple way to add a little something special to your event. If you have guests staying over, make sure their rooms include fresh cut flowers.


Long meetings or conferences can become very uncomfortable. Even a longer wedding service can start to numb your bottom. So, why not add a little comfort? Instead of boring, hard chairs, hire some comfy seats or add some cushions instead of chair covers. Your guests will really appreciate this little detail and be much happier for it.


Another way to keep your guests happy, spoil them and make sure they are comfortable is by fitting a little pampering into the day. Hire some massage therapists and chairs and set up a pamper parlor somewhere at the location of your event.

If you’re planning a wedding, this will offer your guests a perfect way to spend the time photos are being taken or give them a way to get a much-needed break as the day draws on.

Personalized Favors or Stationery

If you are hosting a meeting or conference, personalized stationery is a brilliant way to show your guests that you’ve put a lot of thought into the day. Make sure to either hand them out at the start of the day, with their chocolates, or place them on the tables, so they have them for the rest of the day.

For weddings, personalized favors are much nicer than just giving everyone the same thing.

Whether you are looking to create the best day of your life, or give potential clients a day they won’t forget, do it with the finer details.

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