Protect Yourself from the Harms of Cell Phone Radiation

Cellular phones emit radiation. Whether or not this emission leads to health risks is highly debated. However, to be on the safe side, you have to stay protected. You won’t know just how much impact radiation could have on your body. It is better to stay protected now than regret it later. Here are some tips to help you.

Start with the kids

You need to protect your kids by not allowing them to use phones, especially for calling. Teach them to use headphones so they can make phone calls. Studies have shown that kids are most vulnerable to the negative effects of radiation.

Limit your phone calls

Radiation can easily penetrate the body especially when your phone is used close to your face. Therefore, it is best if you limit the phone calls that you receive. Give and receive calls only when necessary. If you do, keep it short. There is a direct impact on the length of time you use for calling and the increased risk of diseases.

Don’t carry the phones directly on your body

It does not help if you place your phones in your pocket. Find a case where you can keep it. You should also avoid standing near cell towers as radiation is stronger in the area. In areas that have weaker signals, don’t use your phone. It will just try to emit more radiation to get a signal and it increases the risk. When flying, turn your phone off. Even airplane mode won’t help in terms of reducing the impact of radiation.

Avoid using your phones in a moving vehicle

When you are moving, the phone constantly searches for a signal. As a result, radiation emission is increased. Besides, if you are travelling, take time to sleep and relax when you are inside a moving vehicle.

Buy protective devices

You can’t control the emission of radiation. You also can’t just throw your phone away. To deal with this problem, you can buy cell phone radiation protection. You can place it in your bag. You can also wear it as an accessory. With the help of these devices, the impact of radiation will be reduced. You will fear less about your health.

There might be a constant debate on whether or not radiation from phones can actually have a huge impact on the body. Regardless, it does not hurt to protect yourself.

As always, regret comes in the end. You don’t want to wait for the time when you are already suffering from the impact of radiation on your body or anyone in your family before you do something about it. Take action now!


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