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Top Advice for a Burn Injury – and Seeking Compensation

Burn injuries can be caused by many various things – some are caused by sources of heat (hot objects), some are caused by electricity (electrical wiring or faulty machines), some are caused by chemicals, and some by other factors such as friction or even extremely cold surfaces. Whatever the cause, they can cause serious damage; not just physically but emotionally and psychologically as well. If those burns are caused through no fault of your own, you may be entitled to compensation. Ever wonder what you can do when you sustain a burn injury? Here’s some top advice for a burn injury – and seeking compensation.

Common causes

The most common causes for burn injuries are at work – people working in factories are usually more at risk than people in other professions. Often incorrect handling of chemicals, insufficient training, incorrect procedures, or similar limitations are to blame. Since no ordinary person actually wants to be burned on purpose, it is often the cause of negligence.

Advice for minor burns

Minor burns are the most common and we are most familiar with those ones. The proper steps to take when helping someone with minor burns are:

  • Remove the person from the source of the burn

  • If there is any clothing or materials sticking to the burn, do not remove these

  • Run cool, but not cold, water over the burn but do not use ice or butter (as if often advised in myths)

  • Call medical assistance

Advice for major burns

For major burns, the same procedures should be taken as for minor burns, except with some important additions:

  • Do not attempt to remove clothing

  • If the cause is a wet chemical, wash the product away as soon as possible

  • If the cause is a dry chemical, do not use water – brush away the remaining of the chemical.

  • Call medical experts immediately

What will be considered for a claim?

When making a burn injury claim, the nature of the burn, the cause, the circumstances, and the severity of the burn will all be considered, so it’s very important that all of these are documented as well as possible.

It’s important that a burn victim does not wait until the last moment to act: it’s important that the right actions are taken right away. It’s all about pinpointing the legal liability and documenting the extent of the injury and the emotional, psychological, and financial turmoil it creates in one’s life. Make sure you report the incident immediately, and always document the medical attention required. Keep evidence of expenses and record any activities or inconvenience as a direct result of the injury. If you’ve been a victim, you are entitled to complete compensation, after all. It’s your right.

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