Top Food Apps for Your Smartphone

Having a food app on your Smartphone comes with its share of advantages. It can help you find the nearest place to eat in a new city or country, find certain restaurants selling specific dishes, get the ingredients and directions to cook a certain meal or get tips and recipes for all types of cuisines. Whether you are using an iPhone or Android Smartphone, there is definitely an app for that as they say.


This is an application that helps you find a restaurant. It has an interactive fun design and user interface and still a very popular app today since its launch in 2008. The app lets you find a hotel through three main classifications, namely by price, cuisine and neighborhood. Your search will yield user reviews of the restaurant, the address and even phone number.


You might want to cook a meal rather than dine out. Whether the only thing you can do is boil water or you have the skills of a culinary expert, this app can help you to create and plan for the kind of full meal you want. It is a free app helping you to find thousands of recipes at a go. The recipes are divided into a number of categories such as decadent desserts or healthy lunches. You can also email a recipe to a friend or to print it out. It is also updated regularly.

Veg Out

Vegetarians who might be traveling or looking forward to eating out always find it hard to find a restaurant satisfying their delicate dietary restrictions. Through VegOut, vegans and vegetarians are well catered for while in unfamiliar territory. Apart from showing the distance of the vegan restaurants from your current location, the app sorts them out through user rating and alphabetical order. If you lose your bearing, there is a map to guide you.

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Anyone searching for a recipe on the web will perhaps be automatically taken to Allrecipes.com. The site has more than 39,000 recipes submitted by users for basically everything like brunch, poultry, desserts, appetizers and many more. To separate great and useful recipes from mediocre ones, there is a user rating to help you. You can even choose between a certain dish, for instance a pork dish that takes eight hours to make or less than thirty minutes.


If you are with family, friends or workmates and you realize you want a proper dining destination, this app can help. It is a free app that can take you to the restaurants closest to where you are located. A search gives the location and name of the hotel, including such information as availability of a table. OpenTable lets access over 10,000 systems of restaurant reservation in the United Kingdom, Canada and United States.

Big Oven

Apart from being downloaded for more than five million times, this app claims to have over 170,000 recipes ready to be used and you can search dishes by course, keyword, ingredient or title. You can save your favorite or popular recipes, access or upload reviews and photos while using the meal planner to select, drag and drop certain recipes you can use for a month while planning your meals out.

Just know that a restaurant, recipe, ingredients or special meal is just an app way.

Crystal is a food critic who loves to try out new dishes and blog about them. Recently she was reviewing food from  some of the best  restaurants in Vancouver and blogged about it.

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