Using the Right Tool for the Job

There is nothing quite as frustrating as trying to complete a home improvement project without having the proper tools needed. How many of us have tried hanging a shelf with nails instead of screws because we didn’t have a drill handy? And that is just the start of it. We all do some silly things when trying to do home projects simply because we don’t have the right tools for the job. There are probably hundreds of unfinished bicycles just waiting to get finished in homes across the world because the parents didn’t have the right tools to put it together. Below is a list of tools that you should keep handy in your home so you can grab them at a moment’s notice.

Tape Measure

We all try to eyeball measurements whether we are moving around furniture, cutting lumber, or hanging a picture. But it is easy to be off a few inches when you are trying to do everything this way. It is important that you have a tape measure close at hand and soon those measurements will be exact. Remember the saying to measure twice and cut only once.

A Level

You didn’t realize how many times you would need a level as a home owner. Hanging mirrors, pictures, or even mounting a television on the wall could be done so much easier with the proper level. No longer will you have a crick in your neck from having to have your head tilted while watching a crooked television screen.

A Safety Cutter

Having a couple safety cutters lying around, one in your garage and one in a drawer in the house, will save you from having to find a pair of scissors or grabbing a knife when something difficult needs to be cut. It would be much simpler to use a safety cutter to open boxes rather than a butter knife you grabbed from the kitchen. Plus, they are not expensive at all and will make the job go quicker.


Hammer and Screwdriver

While there are those that have a fully stocked tool chest, much of the time a simple hammer and screwdriver can do the job. The thing is that almost everyone has these items, but we tend to lose them now and then. Having an extra hammer or screwdriver set around the house will save you from having to track down misplaced tools when you really need them.

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