Wedding Reception Menu Ideas

Deciding on what to serve during your wedding reception can be a little confusing. The people you hire to offer catering Toronto at your wedding need some guidance on the appetizers, buffet or main course that your guests will love. We’ll share with you some amazing menu ideas that fit any modern wedding.



Appetizers give guests the opportunity to mix and mingle as they enjoy a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere at your wedding reception. This is your opportunity to get creative and let your personality come through. When preparing appetizers for your wedding guests, think of miniature dishes that don’t make your guests feel overly stuffed before the main course. You can serve small, bite-size versions of your main dish or even go for the less-familiar dishes which you wouldn’t put on the main course. A few appetizer ideas that may work for weddings include:-

  • Fried chicken bites
  • Fried macaroni and cheese lollipops
  • Fresh berries beautifully displayed in wooden blocks
  • Salad made of different seafoods such as shrimps, calamari and mussels covered with olive oil
  • Kebabs and skewers
  • Miniature burgers
  • Tiny bite-size tacos

Main Course

Whether you prefer an informal feast or a exquisite and fine wedding dinner, the main course should be designed to suit both you and your guests. With so many people having different food needs, it’s hard to find a menu that pleases all your wedding guests. Think of a simplified approach and providing your guests just enough choices. The decision on what to serve as the main course will primarily depend on your budget and venue. First decide whether you’d like a sit-down meal or a buffer. A sit-down dinner is certainly costlier than a buffet and is usually best if you want everyone to be served at the same time. It’s also easier to manage the choices and needs of all your guests when you have a sit-down dinner. Below are a few meals that you may serve as your main course:-

-Boiled salmon seasoned with bread crumbs, lemon, garlic and butter

-A rack of lamb with spices and some fresh herbs for garnishing

-Italian chicken parmesan

-Salmon with soy sauce

-Strip steak


-Fresh veggies


Buffets are a good choice especially if you have picky eaters or people who just enjoy eating different dishes and types of cuisine. Buffet allows your guests to serve themselves and this makes it even cheaper. When choosing what to serve during a buffet, opt for foods that can be served at room temperature or over a heat source. Provide versatile dishes so that your guests have options and no one is left with nothing to eat. Below are some meals you may include in your buffet:-

-Roasted potatoes served with dill cream and caviar

-Wild mushroom tartlets

-Miniature sandwiches

-Seafood served with French bread

-Small crab cakes

-Smoked salmon beautifully displayed

-Pasta station

Take into account different food needs but remember that you cannot fully please everyone when choosing your wedding menu.


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