What You Need to Know about First Aid Training for Your Employees – and How to Choose a Provider

There have been some changes in the regulations that prescribe how employers provide first aid training to their employees, and this means that employers now have a little more freedom when it comes to their options. However, it’s understood that the employer needs to undertake various levels of due diligence when it comes to the selection; this is their duty. Now that training organisations who were formerly accredited by HSE no longer have that approval (no organisation can now be HSE accredited as the HSE no longer gives approvals), choosing the correct first aid training provider can be a little confusing. Here’s what you need to know about first aid training for your employees – and how to choose a provider.


Although the HSE no longer gives approvals, they do give guidelines and insist on certain standards; first aid providers must be able to demonstrate a certain level of skill and knowledge. These criteria include:

  • The qualifications of the trainers and the assessors

  • Monitoring and quality assurance measures

  • Teaching and standards of first-aid practices

  • Syllabus content

  • Certifications

The credentials of your potential first aid trainer or training agency should include these criteria. The HSE has all necessary information available.

Training courses

Basically, training courses can be classified into three categories. Mainly, the three different courses are:

  • EFAW training. This module teaches a first aider to give first aid to a person who gets an injury or illness at work. It’s a general course.

  • FAW training. FAW training includes EFAW but takes it a step further. First aiders are taught how to take care of a range of specific injuries and illnesses.

  • Employers can request special training modules based on their unique circumstances.


Those who undergo first aid training will receive certificates – these certificates ensure that the person who has received the training (and performed well during tests or evaluations) is documented for insurance and legal purposes. The certificate is valid for three years.


Everything changes and after time knowledge gets lost and skills forgotten – which is the reason why the certificate is only valid for three years. Before the three years are over the first aider must take a quick refresher course to update their certificate.

Remember, first aid is a never-ending concern, and whenever a new employee, new product, new machine, or new equipment is introduced on the work floor, first aid requirements may change. Furthermore, new knowledge and new technology also ensure that our first aid knowledge and skills must constantly be refreshed and updated. And remember: as an employer, you should always be sure everything is correctly documented. Your diligence may save lives.

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